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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Air Conditioners Again

A beautiful day here in Florida!  When Michael fixed the air conditioners yesterday we noticed the one located in the living room had a rattle, rather noisy rattle.  Today he was back up on the roof and now we are rattle-less.  IMG_2413

Bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwiches for lunch as we knew we were having a big dinner tonight.  Then off to Chiefland for me—a much needed haircut and groceries at Wal Mart which was a zoo.  Parking lot was kind of empty, not many people in the store but the check-out lines were long with few cashiers.  The young woman who had cut my hair twice while I’ve been in Cedar Key once again did a great job.

Tonight we had our first potluck of the winter.  Many of you RVers know about RV park potlucks—the process can get out of hand!  This was the first one we’ve attended all winter long and as is normal there was too much food and we ate too much!  I made cornbread salad and as usual when I prepare this dish it was a success—I sent the small amount of leftovers home with Gail and with Connie—the park manager along with her husband Cliff.  Somehow I managed to marry the only non-cornbread eating human in the USA! 

Matt and Gail’s pooch, Freeway also hates to be left home alone.  When we all come home between Freeway and Emmi howling we have quite the chorus! 

Another good day in Florida.


  1. Potlucks can be an eat-fest. We have them here too. Everything is always so good. And everybody eats too much.

  2. There is such a thing as a non-cornbread eating person?!?!?! I'll have his share. Sounds like a fun time.

  3. Nothing like successfully getting a rattle fixed! Congrats.

  4. Would love your recipe!! We enjoy reading your blog!!:)

  5. Yes Janna Corn Bread Salad that sounds really good.

    I didn't know Mike doesn't like cornbread? Gosh I hope I haven't served it to him and he ate it trying to be polite lol.

    Take Care my friends

  6. My husband is a picky eater but he eats cornbread and loves it.
    Never heard of cornbread salad.
    Want to share?

  7. I too would have been back on the roof trying to stop that rattle. I hate rattles! Glad to know that Mike got it resolved.


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