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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Cowboy Goes To The Beach


Came up with a really wild idea this morning, jumped in the jeep and headed off to see the Atlantic Ocean!  Took a lot of scenic back roads across Florida before arriving at an ocean front park near Jacksonville.  It is much cooler and extremely windy here in our part of the US today—the beach was both those things, cool and very windy.  Not very many people out on the beach but there sure were a lot of people everywhere else!  IMG_2208

We didn’t get back home until close to 6pm, that was a really wild idea and a long day of driving! 



Lows in the 20’s tonight, wind chills in the teens—who turned off our Florida heat??  Water in the tank, hose unhooked, we are ready.  As we drove along today, noticed lots of people had covered their plants with cloth and plastic sheets.  Many of the azaleas are blooming as are many other flowering trees and shrubs, some trees are beginning to leaf out—a hard free could sure mess up spring!


  1. Into every life a little freeze must fall! I guess I'd better go unhook my hose also. :)

  2. Nice blog title. Nice photos of the beach. We hope your weather changes for the better soon.

  3. Howdy J&M,
    Almost like going to town in Montana!
    That was surely an unlikely combination; a fully dressed cowboy, with a vest, on a sandy Florida beach!! Emmi looked like she was enjoying it and saying, "Daddy where's my ball??"... Just think Janna ain't no snakes out in this weather!!! Stay off of the golf courses; they's gators on them golf courses.. My cuzzin plays golf down there, but he don't go near the water hazards, he letz his wife pick up the balls!

  4. Janna, we left Clermont and came to the Cedar Key Resort. You were right, it is a nice quiet place. Other than the cold, I guess you could say we are chilling out.

  5. Heh heh somehow the boots and cowboy hat don't fit the "beach scene" hey?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard


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