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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Chore Day

Yes, even living in a motorhome chores are a necessary evil.  When you own one of those vacuum cleaners  with a canister from which you dump the contents into the trash you can really see just how much sand has been tracked into the coach in a week’s time!  And we even do “Brenda style”—take our shoes off at the door!  Of course Miss Emmi brings in her share of sand too and she wears no shoes.

Michael vacuumed and washed the jeep.  Our motorhome has this thick plexi-glass cover over the entire front beneath the windshield designed to protect the paint job.  The front of the motorhome cannot be washed without removing this shield and it’s a pain to remove.  You also can’t access the generator without loosening the bolts which hold the shield in place.  Michael loosened and removed the thing so he could check the generator and wash the front of the rig.

I did a load of laundry here in my washer/dryer and did the inside chores—you know, cleaned the bathroom, vacuumed, etc.—exciting!

After our long hike yesterday we shortened our walk this morning to about 3 miles.  After lunch I went into Cedar Key with the purpose of visiting this cute little consignment shop I kept seeing—nope, closed on Wednesday and Thursday!  Instead I paid a visit to the ATM and the bookstore finding two cool books—one about Cedar Key and the other, Visiting Small Town Florida by Bruce Hunt.  The name of the bookstore is Curmudgeonalia and the name fits I think!  There is a sign on the door that says, “yes, the books are new, yes I sell the books at cover price just like any other book store.”  Well, all righty then!!!  There are several of these type signs all throughout the bookstore.  Interesting!

The produce stand was open today and I purchased some clams for dinner along with strawberries and various other fruits.  We are going to miss Sandy’s produce stand when we head out of here on Friday or Saturday.

The clamsIMG_2073steamed in white wine with garlic and onion were delicious. 

IMG_2067you can’t tell from the photo but this tree had the biggest pine cones.

Another great day in Florida.


  1. Fine looking bowl of clams. We cleaned up the egg yesterday and swept out lots of sand. Amazing how much gets tracked in. Hope ya'll have found a great place to move to.

  2. You still read paper books? Don't you have a Kindel? Or maybe an iPad? Save a tree, or maybe two!

  3. I've never been a take off your shoes when you enter the house kind of person. The one time I did it, I broke my toe!

  4. Those Clams looks so good. I don't know what is worse the sand or the dust. I can't make up my mind lol.

    Take Care and missing you guys

  5. definitely the sand is the worst here the furkids drag it in ....but thats why I carry a vacuum..I don't mind the cleaning ...because if I was home I'd be I'm happy!!

  6. better to be vacumming than shovelling the white stuff!..even a day at home in the motorhome can be exciting!..nice looking clam dinner!!


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