Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturday On The Boulder and a Coyote

There isn’t much going on around here and that’s a good thing as I still am not feeling up to par—ugh!  I did manage to give our house a once over and even washed some windows.  I have a rule about windows—they get washed once in the spring and once in the fall.  I need to do some yard work—clean out the flower beds, etc. but I just didn’t have enough “ump” to get that task done today.

Yesterday we made a run to Billings, I had a hair appointment and we celebrated our anniversary by having a great lunch at CJ’s—although the cowboy had to finish off my lunch.  After a quick Costco stop and a Wal Mart run, we were heading back up the Boulder.  It’s flu shot time and we stopped at the clinic but they were too busy—I want to get my flu shot before I fly again.  Nat was glad to see us and he is excited about his new iPad.  I brought it home with me—the telephone company doesn’t have his internet service going yet—and I wanted to get the iPad programmed with simple icons, turning off as much of Apple’s nonsense as I could so as not to confuse the 92 year old new computer user!!

We are having some incredible weather, very cool mornings but sunshine and low 60’s as the day progresses.  This morning when we stepped outside for our walk we could hear a coyote barking very close by.  This always makes me nervous and we keep a close eye on Emmi.  When we got up into the hay fields Michael spotted him—he’s looking pretty fat and happy isn’t he!


Our leaves are falling fast but you can still spot some fall color around our neck of the woods:


And here’s a beautiful shot of a sunrise Michael took while I was gone to Wisconsin:


Hope you are all having a great weekend!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Home Again And Our Twentieth Anniversary

Twenty years ago today by this time of the evening I was married to my cowboy.  Our wedding came as a surprise to many, happening a mere two months after we met.  Twenty years later I count our marriage as one of the smartest and best things I’ve ever done. 

Michael & me on our wedding dayOur wedding day photo, and yes, it was snowing. 

Yesterday morning while touring the manufacturing facility for the company, I was hit with a nasty stomach bug.  I continued to be sick off and on all day—let me tell you, being sick in a busy airport during your three hour layover wasn’t fun!!  All I wanted to do was lie down somewhere but there was a shortage of beds!!!  I landed in Billings last night just before 9pm and had a two hour drive in front of me—also not fun when you feel as nasty as I did!!  Plus when I walked out of the airport I was literally almost blown away and fought that same wind all the way home! 

The cowboy and Emmi were sure glad to see me but all I wanted to do was crawl in bed.  Today I’ve spent a better portion of the day sleeping and seem to be on the mend keeping a couple pieces of toast on my stomach.  I hate to be sick, really hate to be sick—especially that kind of sick!!

The cowboy spent the day doing some maintenance work on the backhoe. 

I still haven’t made up my mind about the job—those alarm clocks are demon critters!!  I have accepted an assignment with the company in last October, traveling to a hospital in Norfolk, VA—I will make up my mind after that trip.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Lambeau Stadium

Yep, I am in Neenah, Wisconsin and one of the perks of cooperate life and national sales meetings-- the companies usually have at least one entertainment night.  A big Greyhound bus pulled up in front of the hotel about 4:30pm, we all boarded and headed the approximate 30 miles to Lambeau Stadium, home to the Green Bay Packers.  Our guide was awesome, a volunteer who obviously lives and breathes Green Bay Packers. I will admit I am not a football fan but I must also admit I truly enjoyed tonight. I learned so much and when our guide took us through the "tunnel" onto Packer field complete with the sound effects of screaming fans it gave me goosebumps!! 

Dinner was served in one of the sky boxes high above the field.  This is a small medical device company with large aspirations.  There was a lot of joking about the company acquiring a sky box if the sales staff meets its goals.  

Tomorrow we will be treated to a tour of the factory then it is off to the airport for me--back to my cowboy and Ms. Emmi!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Fall Quilt Retreat Is In The Books

I rolled up the driveway about 1pm after dropping Shirley and Janet at their homes—I am exhausted!  The retreat started on Wednesday at Medicine Flower Lodge in Red Lodge, MT and that extra day (we usually start retreat on Thursday) was marvelous!!  I finished lots of projects—and am even caught up on my Winter Solstice block of the month project!!

IMG_1785A sweet little Christmas table runner—the pattern and fabric for this project was a birthday gift from my sister, Ann.

IMG_1784The salmon was created from fabric I purchased on our Alaska trip.  I love how it turned out!

IMG_1788Shirley’s red work—isn’t it precious!!


IMG_1794Ladies hard at work!

IMG_1799Mary F. created this masterpiece, the flower blocks are hand appliqued. 

IMG_1802Gay’s cute little Halloween project, she isn’t finished, the boots are decorated with lots more bling!

IMG_1808We laugh a lot at these retreats!

IMG_1815Jeane was busy this past winter—I love this fall penny rug and this precious little winter quilt came home with me for quilting—think Jeane would notice if it didn’t come home??


IMG_1818You’ve seen this one before, Donna’s great-grandmother made the Dresden plate blocks, Donna added the sashing and scalloped borders—I quilted it this summer.

IMG_1821Gay recently inherited some antique quilt tops—I loved this one—anyone out there know the pattern??

IMG_1833This one also came home with me for quilting—think I could keep it too, Jane??IMG_1838Mary F.’s sweet baby quilt.

IMG_1840Donna’s little fall table topper.

Our quilt retreat group is just the best and the location for the retreat can’t be beat! 

I am off to Billings tonight—spending the night as I have an early flight in the morning to Wisconsin.  Will be back Wednesday night—may or may not blog—we will see.  I’ve been offered a job—YIKES—a JOB!!!  I am attending the company national sales meeting and meeting the people with whom I would be working—haven’t made up my mind whether or not to take the job! 

The cowboy and little Emmi are all alone again and not happy about it!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Productive Quilters

As I am typing this post on my iPad, it will be short on words, long on photos. We have four "jelly roll race" quilts finished!  I declined to enter the race!��

Then there is my talented friend Jeane. She purchased these cute little "sunbonnet" blocks at a junk sale for 25 cents each--I was with her!! Jeane attached the flange and sashing plus she made the Grandma's Flower Garden block--amazing!

There are two of these quilts finished--lots of appliqué!!

We are productive quilters to say the least. We have also been doing a little eating and a little wine drinking.  Back at home the cowboy and Emmi are having fun too, yesterday they went ATVing with Lonn.  Life is good!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fall Quilt Retreat

My car rolled down the driveway bright and early Wednesday morning leaving the cowboy and Ms. Emmi to fend for themselves.  You see, I am off to Red Lodge, MT and the Medicine Flower Lodge for a FOUR day quilt retreat—yes, four days!!  I will try to post some photos of the beautiful creations which always seem to come out of these sewing sessions but I may be too busy having fun!

Michael and Nat went back to Billings today for routine dermatologist appointments—they will both looks as if they have chicken pox in the days to come! 

Rick wanted to know which iPhone we got—the iPhone 5c.  The deal Verizon was offering was a good one we thought, $20 for the phone and sign up for a two year contract.  We stuck with a lower end data plan—unlimited talk and text with 2GB of data.  As we only use the phone when we are in town or traveling to Billings/Bozeman/Livingston, we didn’t see the need for more data.  We are still going to wait until the end of October to make any more decisions about data and internet providers.

Our aspen trees are golden right now, here’s a shot from our backyard:


See you all when I get back!

Monday, October 6, 2014

Happy Birthday Cowboy

The cowboy and I celebrate our birthdays just one month apart—we won’t say how much older the cowboy is!!  We met in August, 1994 and both celebrated our birthdays shortly thereafter—doesn’t seem that long ago!!  Happy Birthday Michael, you make my life complete!

My MichaelMichael as a boy

Last night we took a drive right about sunset and I caught the big moon rising:


Michael wanted to celebrate his birthday by taking a drive—off we went to Billings of all places—I think he also wanted a CJ’s hamburger for lunch!SmileJust after Labor Day weekend the Scheels sporting goods store in Billings moved into their new building.  The crowds lined up to get in at first were impossible and today was our first venture into the store.  The store is the second largest of the 24 Scheels stores located in nine states.  Scheels sells everything sport related—clothing, skis, guns, soccer equipment, etc. 

Scheel’s Facts:

-- Frederick A. Scheel, a German immigrant, opened his first store in Sabin, Minn., in 1902 and sold hardware and general merchandise.

-- Scheels is a privately held, employee-owned company with more than 4,500 associates.

-- Eight costumed sculptures of Scheels' favorite U.S. presidents will be displayed in the store.

-- The store will present a collection of bronze statues of athletes and outdoorsmen.

-- More than 300 taxidermy mounts will be featured.


The outdoor bronze sculptures were awesome—very, very well done!


IMG_1730220,000 square feet of shopping space plus a little entertainment—yep, a ferris wheel!!IMG_1739IMG_1748The aquarium caught the cowboy’s eye—there are beautiful, exotic fish swimming in the columns and across the arch.  Very, very well done and when we were checking out—our only purchase was a new toy for Emmi—the sales clerk told us, “dogs are always welcome in Scheels!”  Our kind of store!!

Well readers, I succumbed!  To Apple fever that is!  I’ve never been an Apple fan—I despise iTunes—it’s one of the most user un-friendly applications I’ve ever tried to use.  But with that said, I love my iPad for what it is—a gadget, a way to get on the internet quickly, and a place to read books using a Kindle app.  Computer it is not and I can’t ever see myself having an Apple as my main computer.  But I did buy an iPhone.  I’m waiting for Verizon to “port” my cell number into the iPhone—seems if you are an “off brand” carrier user (Wal Mart Straight Talk) that process can take 24-48 hours!!! 

We returned the Wilson booster and MiFi device today—the Verizon store was great, giving us a full refund for those devices as we could not get enough useable signal here at home.  Check out Nina’s great post about the news from Verizon and AT&T.  In the month of October both companies are offering SIGNIFICANT increases in the number of GB’s you can get for your dollar.  Both companies claim this offer is only good for the month of October.  We are going to wait until the end of the month to see if Millenicom jumps on the band wagon. 

Millenicom works for us.  As we can’t get a cellular signal here at home, we only use a mobile internet device about 4 months of each year.  We’ve used a Novatel aircard and a 3G Store router with Millenicom for several years and it works—well!  With Millenicom you can turn your service on and off at will—we turn it off when in Montana and back on when we travel.  This used to be a free service but now it cost $20 to turn the service back on.  Verizon is getting there—as they should be.  We will see how this month shakes out with all the different carriers.  Unless the cellular signal improves in our neck of the woods, we are sticking with our land line and DSL while in Montana.

A great day spent with my birthday husband!