Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Another Busy Day

Yesterday we both noticed this rather large puddle in our backyard over our buried water cistern—was it snow melt or did we have an issue???  If you guessed issue you were right but the cowboy has the equipment for making quick work of those issues and soon all was well with our plumbing!  The backyard will need a little attention once everything dries out.  The cowboy also fixed our driveway, too.IMG_1016

The dentist made quick work—in and out in 30 minutes—of putting the crown back where it belonged so that was a load off my mind!  I ran a couple quick errands and was back home in time to make lunch. 

Our bird population is increasing by the minute—big birds:

IMG_1018and little birds, rosy red finches:


I decided to pack the important quilt retreat stuff today—all my sewing projects and tools.  Tomorrow I will do some cooking and pack the toothpaste, etc. 

IMG_1021Stopped by the road on my way home from town—the first “coming up the Boulder” shot of the season.  It was 71 degrees today but our weather forecast for the next week stinks—rain and snow every day—we can hope those guys are wrong, right!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Home Sweet Home

A leisurely start this morning had us at Nat’s house just after 11am—Emmi girl was sure glad to see him as he was to see her.  After a quick visit and promises to see him in the next couple days we headed up the Boulder.  Our lower driveway is kind of a mess but Michael was able to slowly inch his way along getting the motorhome to the house just about lunch time.  By 5pm we had it unloaded and all the stuff put away!  I’ve even had the washing machine going—now ask me if I’m pooped!!

We still have some snow drifts, not in the yard but on the hillsides.  The horses look good as do my plants—thanks Lonnie!!  Green grass is showing and the aspen trees have what I call “fuzzies”—spring might finally happen in Montana.  I’ve fed the birds and they seemed glad to see me.


On the way home today I was eating a caramel and noticed something hard mixed in with the candy—yep, one of my crowns came off—GRRRRR!  I managed to get an appointment for 10am tomorrow with the local dentist who put this particular crown on long, long ago.  Going to the dentist was not really in my plans—I need to pack for my quilt retreat!! 

The last two months have been great but it’s also good to be home.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Moab, Utah to Dillon, MT


We were just a little later than our planned departure time of 6am this morning but even so we were set up and relaxing by 5pm in our usual stopping spot the night before reaching home.  We drove 572 miles today!!  We had planned on doing about 450 but it was just too early in the day to stop—we are out of sightseeing mode and in getting home mode I guess!  I even drove the big motorhome for a while. 

It was hard to tell Larry and Geri goodbye last night, we so enjoyed getting to know them better and we certainly enjoyed having them as our guides.  Hopefully we will be seeing them again soon!


Peter asked where we were parked while boondocking in the Moab, UT area—off Mill Canyon Road about 15 miles north of Moab.  John asked a while back if Michael’s friend Sarge made it home to Montana on his motorcycle—he had to spend an extra night on the road waiting for a storm to clear I think but yes, he made it home—a little frozen but back in Montana.

Lonnie drove over to our house the other day thinking he might have to plow the road—the driveway is clear but will need a little repair work before we can get the motorhome up the driveway. 

We’ve had pizza delivered and are enjoying a glass of wine—it was a good day.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

These Glorious Days Just Keep Coming

I woke to rain sometime in the night—what???, rain???  Yep, just enough to get Emmi’s feet dirty when she and Michael went out first thing.  It was just about lunch time before the sun decided to peak out.

We were mostly bums for the entire morning although Geri and I worked our brains hard!!!  While at North Ranch I had helped both Geri and Angie start blogs—not to the point of publishing one but on the right path.  Geri was having connectivity problems that day and wasn’t able to fully load Window’s Live Writer. 

When Geri tried to log on to Live Writer later she kept getting “password/user name incorrect” messages knowing full well she was entering the correct information.  We tried all sorts of combinations, turning the computer off, uninstalling and re-installing Windows Essentials, etc.  I was almost to the point of calling Rick when I noticed the words “change proxy” at the bottom of the log-in screen.  I thought, what the heck, clicked on those words, found a screen which gave me an option, I used that option thinking I could change it back if all you know what broke loose!!  Went to the log-in screen and we were in!!!  Well, now—that took about a hour!!

Next up I had to remember how to make Live Writer use a default photo size—I searched Rick’s blog and found enough instructions that we were able to make that happen also.  Wow, we were on a roll!! 

After consulting the guys we decided to take a short jeep trip to Gemini Bridges after lunch.  As I was getting ready to call Mike to lunch a guy rode up on a dirt bike—with a badge and a gun—he works for the Utah Department of Natural Resources as an enforcement officer.  His dirt bike even had blue lights!!!  He’s the one who will give you a $750 fine for traveling off trail!  He was just checking to see if we were having a good time and if we needed any information.


Gemini Bridges—two rock “bridges” side by side suspended over a hundreds of feet deep canyon—standing on the bridges made my stomach clench!!  Michael and Larry weren’t having any part of getting too close to the edge!IMG_0968

IMG_0966The two bridges side by side.

IMG_0967IMG_0969IMG_0972Opening between the two bridges—the canyon wasn’t so deep here but you wouldn’t want to fall down there!



Notice the off leash dog in the photo above—that’s the reason folks, we aren’t allowed to take dogs on the national park trails—get  your dog on a leash!! not to mention the fact it’s a long way down if the dog misses a step!!!!

Back home we started the generators and the grill.  Larry grilled foil wrapped potatoes and onions plus some chicken breasts.  We dined like kings outside in the sunshine.  It was another perfect day in Moab, Utah!!!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Canyonlands National Park and Dead Horse Point State Park

It was a jeep day and Emmi found a new lap right off the bat:


Our yellow jeep fit right in with the jeep tour heading out from the first overlook:

IMG_0883You really can’t imagine the number of jeeps in this area right now, thousands—all colors, heights, sizes—thousands of jeeps!

When we were in Moab, Utah in 2011 we were weary of sightseeing and chose Arches National Park to visit and left Canyonlands for another time.  I’m glad we are back in the Moab area and had Geri and Larry to tell us what a spectacular spot it was.  The weather was warm today with a haze in the air which didn’t help my photos.

IMG_0887IMG_0889Larry and Michael both decided maybe that road wasn’t for them! Winking smile

IMG_0898IMG_0902We saw lots of these signs in the national park so care of Emmi was a group effort today--IMG_0922

IMG_0913We took turns going out to the overlooks and inside the visitor’s centers.  Emmi didn’t seem to mind! Smile

IMG_0914When the overlooks were right by the road we just took her with us.  IMG_0915IMG_0923IMG_0927

IMG_0933IMG_0936My submission for a jeep ad. Smile

IMG_0950Muddy, muddy Colorado River two thousand feet below where we were standing—YIKES!  Local legend has it the Indians herded large bands of horses across the barely 30 yard wide strip of land onto this “point” then built a fence of limbs and sticks to keep the horses contained in this natural corral 2000 feet above the Colorado.  They then chose the best of the horses and the legend is left the rest of the horses out on this point to die of thirst—thus Dead Horse Point State Park.

IMG_0951Leaving Dead Horse Point State Park I said, “since it is getting so late, I think the guys should buy us dinner again.”  They agreed without too much arm twisting and we were soon seated in a restaurant in downtown Moab—service and food was good.  Back home we are running the generators to charge all our stuff, doing some computer work and writing this blog. 

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Another Glorious Day

Our morning started off great before we even fired up the ATV’s.  We had a visitor to camp:

IMG_0812We were then treated to a fabulous show--

IMG_0821IMG_0824Whoops, changed his mind about landing spots, lifted up and moved over to where we could see his recovery vehicles.


After all that excitement it was hard for our tour guides to find more spectacular scenery but they came through once again! SmileIMG_0838IMG_0839

IMG_0843We were having a goggles issues today!

IMG_0845IMG_0846The base of that huge rock is so eroded, it may stand for years and years to come but I wouldn’t want to get too close!!


IMG_0856IMG_0857Can you believe the scenery around Moab—it is simply breathtaking!  We did some serious ATV riding—I still think Larry and Geri are trying to improve my riding skills and today they did—I climbed slick rock that was dang steep—just gave it gas and went!!  And what goes up must come down meaning I also rode down some really steep rocks!! 

IMG_0874It’s that way, no, it’s this way!  These guys are so much fun to be around—we are very glad they wanted to come along with us!!

We all decided to brave the jeep crowd in Moab and went in to have dinner, get gas and a few groceries.  Larry and Geri got their first jeep ride—we are going to do a jeep trip tomorrow—give the ATV’s a rest.