Saturday, February 6, 2016

Something On My Mind

You’ve all seen the photo on Facebook—cell phones on the table in a basket, caption reads, “first person to check their phone picks up the dinner tab.”  Today a family friend posted the following on Facebook—it may or may not be an actual “Dear Abby” letter but the gist of the message is what caught my eye.

I focused on the line, “spending time on the cellphone rather than socializing is rude,” and “I know cellphones are part of our culture, but adults still have the power to choose what is important and turn them off.” 

Has it become acceptable in your circle of friends/family for people to bring cell phones to gatherings/parties allowing those phones to ring and beep, spending time texting, reading email, and surfing the internet ignoring the conversation/friends/family around them? 

Would you bring a book or newspaper to a social gathering—probably not—so why bring your phone?

Thursday, February 4, 2016


Columbus, Montana is a small town with a population of less than 2000 people situated between Big Timber, MT and Billings.  But on Sunday a Columbus, MT company will be making a big bang—they are supplying all the fireworks for the 50th Super Bowl—how cool is that!!  AND—that’s not all the fame Columbus, Montana will have on Sunday—a native son—Dwan Edwards—has played defensive tackle for South Carolina since 2012.  Click on the link and read the story—it will warm your heart!!

Wednesday morning the phone rang and Larry said, “cinnamon rolls ready at 12:30!!”  All righty then, we will be there.  Geri baked and invited all the ATV gang over—delicious rolls, good coffee and conversation!  We know how to operate when the weather is too cold for ATVing don’t we!!

I’ve been busy, busy painting—I want this job finished so have been slinging that paint brush right and left!  Painted so much I ran out of paint—Barry and Donna were in heading to Wickenburg and were kind enough to grab another gallon for me. 

Our grandson-in-law John has departed on an adventure with the USAF—he is now in South Korea for a year—Laci and baby Lora are hanging out in Montana with Grandpa Lonn for a while before venturing off for some travel of their own.  Here’s hoping that year goes by really fast! 

Thursday afternoon I finished the master bedroom—only one more room to paint, the laundry room which wasn’t exactly designed well—there are several design issues with this house—the laundry room is very small with a huge laundry sink, washer/dryer and hot water tank.  Can you say crowded and hard to paint??

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Wayside Oasis Near Alamo Lake State Park

Remote would be an under statement!  Our weather yesterday was all over the charts—wind, rain, sleet, snow and dang chilly!  Not ATV riding weather so we all piled into vehicles and headed toward Wenden, AZ where the road leads to an Arizona state park—Alamo Lake.  It’s a beautiful, lonely, remote spot with a lake—a definite rarity in Arizona. 

And it has the Wayside Oasis—a bar/grill/RV park run with a 75,000 watt generator.  The RV park wasn’t full but there were plenty of rigs occupying spaces—and as I said above, remote is an under statement!  There is a tiny grocery store/hardware store in the community of Wenden but that is about 35 miles away.  The nearest larger store would probably be in Wickenburg—adding another 50 miles to your trip—but you could fly!—the Wayside Oasis has a dirt landing strip and we were told it is quite busy on weekends with people flying in and landing for breakfast and lunch!!

There was 14 of us--

DSCN2052The food was very good and the service outstanding and friendly.

After lunch we drove around looking at boondocking spots anticipating a future ATV riding outing. 



DSCN2064Some Arizona wildlife.

DSCN2076Snow on the mountains viewed from our windows.

Another room painted—the small master bathroom—it’s almost too small to turn around in much less paint!  My hair has a new color after sticking my head to a freshly painted wall!

Cold but sunny today—the temps will warm up quickly as the week goes on.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

I Wasn’t Expecting A Ribbon

We met our friends Caryl and Jerry while cowboy shooting in Montana—at that time they had a home in Montana and a lot here in North Ranch.  They have since moved to Arizona full time purchasing a beautiful spot of desert just outside Congress.  Caryl has always been an inspiration to me as a quilter and I’ve longarm quilted a couple pieces for her.  She is a perfectionist and it shows especially in her “winner” quilt she entered in the quilt show--

IMG_1426Caryl pieced this beautiful quilt and then quilted it on her domestic sewing machine—she was almost finished I think last year when her quilting lines started to wander.  Rather than just let it go, Caryl ripped out the quilting on the whole quilt and started over.  She received first place in her category and the Hall of Fame Award—a definte feather in her cap—congratulations Caryl!!


Caryl’s “Where’s The Grass” quilt depicting their donkey Burrito won a second place ribbon.


At Ellie’s birthday party last night hosted by Gina I was surprised when Pat showed me photos of my little “Winter Solstice” quilt wearing a ribbon!!!  I received a second place ribbon in my category—surprise!!


Well, the weather has been nice lately but it is about to change and not for the better—much cooler temps, rain and possibly even a little snow—YIKES!!  Michael has finished the routine maintenance on our CanAm saving us a bundle of money—once again, I sure am glad I have a handy cowboy!  I started painting again today doing some of the trim painting in the master bathroom. 

Friday, January 29, 2016

Vulture Peak Patchers Quilt Show

Early Friday morning I was heading to Wickenburg again to work my shift as a “white glove” lady when the quilt show opened at 9am.  At any quilt show I’ve ever attended, visitors are not allowed to touch the quilts—a guild member wearing a “white glove” roams throughout the displayed quilts helping visitors view the quilt back or detail—that was my job.

Attendance at the quilt show was brisk and steady—a good thing as the $5 entry fee funds guild activities during the year.  It was fun to hear the comments about the quilts and each time I wandered down a row of quilts I saw something new—here are some photos I took today with the camera.

DSCN1998This is Burrito, a donkey belonging to our friends Jerry and Caryl—if you look closely, there is a photo of the “real” Burrito in the lower left side of the quilt.  Caryl created this beautiful art quilt using Burrito as inspiration.

DSCN2000DSCN2002This was one of my favorites in the show I think because of the beautiful quilting—the quilt is a non-traditional log cabin pattern.

DSCN2003Another stunning Bargello quilt with beautiful quilting.

DSCN2006DSCN2011The pattern is Grandmother’s Flower Garden and it was quilted using a spider web type design with a spider brooch pinned in the middle of the spider web. 

DSCN2036DSCN2037Geri and Nancy came to the quilt show and when my shift was over we headed over to the Local Press Sandwich Shop recommended by Al and Kelly—our sandwiches were delicious! 

Back home Michael was out and about doing maintenance on the CanAm when I was bitten by the furniture rearranging bug.  Last night during the birthday party the ladies of the group ended up seated in the living room and we were discussing my off center furniture arrangement—time for a change.  I didn’t even involve the husband—didn’t want to hear, “I’m only moving it once!!”  I pushed and pulled moving sofa and loveseat but still didn’t like the way it looked—sent Donna a text and she came to rescue me—now it looks great!! 

The cowboy is taking a painting class tonight up at the clubhouse leaving Emmi and me to fend for ourselves. 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Quilts And A Birthday Party

Tomorrow our dear friend Ellie celebrates a birthday and tonight we hosted a party for Ellie—Michael and I met Ellie and her husband Jim in Tucson in 2008—we’ve been close friends since that time.  They have been to our home in Montana and boondocked with us in the Arizona desert one winter for two months—a major miracle as before that time Ellie was a died in the wool pavement princess!Smile  Ellie and Jim purchased a home in North Ranch last year and while they still travel  in their motorhome, the majority of their time is spent here.  Ellie is very involved in line dancing activities at North Ranch.

We enjoyed a fabulous meal if I do say so myself—Donna and Barry brought the delicious appetizer—homemade spinach dip.  Geri brought a broccoli casserole that would make anyone a broccoli eater!  I supplied the brisket, Brenda’s cheesy potatoes (they were great Brenda!!), and a lettuce salad with apples, pecans and Jeane’s poppy seed dressing—YUM!!!  Ellie’s birthday cake was a fresh apple cake from my Little Rock, Arkansas Junior League cookbook.  I love to cook and I love to have friends enjoy what I cook—a wonderful evening! 

Friday and Saturday our local quilt guild, the Vulture Peak Patchers is having a quilt show in Wickenburg, an every other year event.  I worked this morning helping to hang the quilts and there are some breathtaking ones!!  All I had with me today was the iPhone--


The guild arranges to exhibit Hoffman Challenge quilts for each of their quilt shows.  Hoffman is a fabric manufacturer and each year chooses a fabric and coordinates for the challenge—“The Hoffman Challenge Fabrics must be used in the body of the quilt, or for appliqué quilts, the Challenge Fabric must be used in more than one spot.”  Quilting artist create quilts using their interpretation of the chosen fabric.  Winners of the Hoffman Challenge receive various cash/product prizes.  Their quilts are then placed in one of many traveling exhibits like the one we are enjoying in Wickenburg—this quilt is from the Hoffman Challenge 2015-my favorite.


Life is good, really good—tomorrow it is back to the quilt show for me and I will take the camera!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Home To North Ranch

We rolled into our driveway at about 9:30am this morning having left the Brenda desert behind.  I wanted to be back in time to lead the yoga class—thus the early desert departure!  I was so glad to wake up this morning—I don’t dream and if I do dream I rarely remember what those dreams were about.  But last night I dreamed we moved to New York City, lived in a huge, gorgeous apartment and when I had a flat tire a nice policeman changed it for me—now interpert that one!!  Weird!

Monday we met Geri and Larry’s friends—Claudia and John—they have a park model in Brenda for the winter months, living in Prescott the rest of the year.  They ride the desert almost every day and know all the trails well.  One of our stops was an old cabin which has become a spot to “leave your mark.”  Trinkets, bottles, very interesting laundry, a visitor log book--IMG_4317


Onward to Dripping Springs where we found pools of water and petroglyphs.  It’s always such a pleasure to find water in the desert—I like to imagine all the critters coming in to drink at night.


Dripping Springs was our lunch stop then we pointed the machines toward home stopping to ride up one of the tallest peaks in the area where cell towers are located—3300 feet elevation.

IMG_4350Quite the view!IMG_4351

The guys cooked last night, taking us to a Mexican food restaurant nearby—we had a wonderful time in the Brenda area—a great outing and it is now so good to be home in North Ranch.  Gina and Rollie are here visiting—it’s been too long since we’ve seen them!


IMG_4340Parker, climbing the rocks with ease on his four feet!


The motorhome is unloaded and the last load of laundry is in the dryer—life is good!