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Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Road Trip

After our hike this morning we headed off in the jeep for the gulf towns of Steinhatchee and Keaton Beach about 60 or so miles from where we are staying.  Someone had told us about a great RV park in Keaton Beach where you could park with your windshield facing the gulf. 

Well, obviously as The Bayfield Bunch Al says, RVers are different!  You couldn’t have paid us to stay in that RV park.  I could have reached out the window and passed the salt to my neighbor plus the park was filled with a bunch of older trailers which hadn’t been moved in a long, long time.  No, we are staying put right where we are!

Both Steinhatchee and Keaton Beach appear to be summer towns with lots of nice beach front houses and many of those houses are for sale.  We think the economy has probably hit these little coastal towns hard—we saw only a couple of restaurants in Steinhatchee, we chose the pizza place and had mediocre expensive food.  There was one hot dog stand in Keaton Beach.  We did not see a grocery store in either town just convenience stores. 

The drive was scenic and the little towns were scenic, just not a lot going on.

We stopped in Chiefland for a few groceries—we ate the last of our eggs this morning.  Came home, unloaded, played ball with Emmi, now we are relaxing.  IMG_2193IMG_2195

This one’s for you Karen, it was parked in the Wal Mart parking lot in Chiefland.IMG_2196


  1. nice pics...I agree Janna what some rvers like others don' the pic of the safari...theres one next door to us and I'm gonna snap a pic of it for Karen too :)....have a super week...

  2. This is not one of those annoying comments, just so everyone doesn't flip out, but I have noticed a lot of people giving you advice about moving south. They are so right. You drove so far to get to Fl, but the real gem is further south. And so much more to do & see. Its almost like you're in southern Ga. See all u can. You may not be that way again.
    You won't be able to give a report on Fl if you dyoon't see it.

  3. not everyone can like the same thing that is for do what makes you and Mike and little Miss Emmi happy!!..although a view out the windshield of the gulf sounds nice...too bad the RV park just didn't cut it!

  4. The areas you are traveling around in were the very areas we were looking at properties a month or two ago. All those places you mentioned are familiar & I have done a lot of flying around there with Google Earth. My Aunt Jean lives in Sarasota & I have been there. Waaaaay to many people & waaaaay to much traffic and congestion for this guy.......


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