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Monday, February 27, 2012

Paynes Prairie and Micanopy

Although it was still raining some when we got up this morning our resolve was to get out of the motorhome for the day.  Neither of us could decide where to go—while eating breakfast I took out the map book, turned to a page and the first thing I saw was Paynes Prairie State Park, about 60 miles from here.  Someone had mentioned this park to us when we first arrived in Florida and today was the day.

Paynes Prairie is a 21,000 acre natural resource with incredible diversity and lots of wildlife—wild horses, bison (reintroduced in the 1970’s), alligators and over 271 species of birds.  William Bartram in 1774 described the prairie in his book Travels.  The prairie basin was formed when a number of sinkholes close together eventually merged.  The grasses act as a filter purifying the water in the vast wetland—Alachua Sink works as the drain in the floor of the basin providing an essential “recharge” of the Florida aquifer.  During the history of the basin, there has been little change except for periods when the area flooded enough to be considered a lake.  Wikipedia states the last time it flooded enough to be considered a lake was in 1871 to 1886. 

As is most of Florida, the prairie is very, very dry.  Wildlife sightings are reduced although we saw three of the wild horses, an alligator and a bald eagle.  A great day!

Here are some of our Paynes Prairie photos:




After visiting Paynes Prairie we headed to the little town of Micanopy (mick-a-no-pee).  One day while walking around in the Cedar Key bookstore I found a book titled Visiting Small Town Florida.  Micanopy is listed in this book--what a cool little town!

When I75 interstate was routed through Florida it missed this little town, freezing it in time.  The entire “downtown”, 4 blocks of Cholokka Blvd. was declared a National Register Historical District in 1983.  Beautiful old buildings housing art galleries, antique stores, a couple small restaurants and a bookstore filled with new and old, old books—some rare editions.  We enjoyed an ice cream cone while strolling through the little town.



IMG_2403This beautiful old mansion is a bed and breakfast.IMG_2409

IMG_2398Tangerines and hibiscus I think.

We had a great day in Florida.


  1. You are seeing so much of Florida, I am jealous! Next year we shall have time to relax and enjoy the area!

  2. It looks like you had a great day, and great photos. Love the church and flowers. Any day you can photograph a bald eagle should be the highlight

  3. You were in a couple of my favorite places today. I hope you saw the big mural photograph at Paynes Prairie of all the alligator eyes at night. Also, the old movie Doc Hollywood is a delightful little comedy with Michael Fox before Parkinsons's filmed in Micanopy. Great photos and good memories.

  4. Nice eagle shots!

    Florida citrus is one of my favorites too.

  5. Love those eagle pictures. And the flowers by the church are beautiful.

  6. nice to get out and explore the 'neighbourhood'!!!..a new view is always a good thing if you have been stuck inside for days on end!!

  7. Thanks for sharing. I love to explore small towns. I believe that is a camellia. They are in bloom right now.

  8. Really good photos and enjoyable read about your day in Paynes Prairie.

    Although we have been to Florida a few times, your outings continue to fuel an interest in returning there.

  9. Great tours, somehow we missed both of those while we were in the area:(

    Hopefully, we will get back and correct that:)

  10. Are you having any problems with sand spurs getting in Emmi's hair? The last time we were in FL, it took me forever to get all the sand spurs out of my Shih Tzu's hair.


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