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Friday, February 3, 2012

Last Day In Cedar Key

Michael is having a real problem with these no-see’um bugs!  He even called Rollie (they lived in Florida for several years) to see what areas of Florida might not have those dang biting little invisible critters.  Today is our last day in Cedar Key and we are heading to Otter Springs in Trenton tomorrow.  Short drive of about 50 miles.  After that I think I have Mr. Michael talked into going out to the Atlantic coast—we found a reasonably priced city/county park near Jacksonville right on the ocean which allows dogs on the beach.  All Florida state parks do not allow dogs on the beach—Emmi wouldn’t like that now would she??

We took our last walk in Cedar Key Scrub Preserve this morning and luck was with us.  When I got out of the jeep I said, “sure wish I could see one of those Florida jays before we leave here.”  Well one heard me and even sat still long enough for me to take photos:IMG_2119IMG_2120 

IMG_2127This has been a great spot for walking giving us a good four miles a day!

The rest of the day was spent in giving Emmi a bath and then taking her towels and bedding up to the laundromat.  We took one last drive into Cedar Key to say goodbye.  Made one last stop at the Cedar Key market which has such a super wine selection.

When we came back home Michael went next door to visit with our new neighbors—they are from Missouri and the gentleman was an agriculture professor at a university for most of his career.  He wanted to talk cattle with Michael and talk they did! 

I’ve done some cooking this afternoon, found a recipe on for focaccia bread:IMG_2129which we will have with steamed clams, oven fries and coleslaw—YUM!

Another great day in Florida!  Except for the no-see’ums!!


  1. Lucky you to get those beautiful shots of the Florida Blue Jay. He is so colorful. Enjoy your new digs.

  2. Nope, we No-see'ums, out here in Arizona.

    But we do see'um the country around here and there is a lots of room for a pink motorhome.

  3. I sure wish you were cooking for me! I saw-um one gigantic stink bug on the wall above my bed this morning. :(

  4. Hey JANNA
    Did u see Laurie's blog about ranch setting in Cochise cry? You better get over here. Stay out of southern Ga. No see'ums bad there. REALLY BAD. We never had any problem with them in central Fl or Tampa - Bradenton area. A lot of nice rv parks in both places. Laid back in Tombstone.

  5. I get a new recipe from Allrecipes every day and use quite a few of them. They are usually very good.
    The other people are right, no biters in Arizona!!!

  6. Haven't had any no-seeums here in the Tampa area...nor in the Keys, or Flagler Beach for that matter.

  7. We get those 'No see ums' in Bayfield about June for a short while. Miserable dam things they are. Motormouse got bit by a Harvester Ant Friday but other than that the only thing doing any biting out here is me into my hamburgers.......

  8. The Foccacia bread looks good. Nice photo of the Jays!


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