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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Everybody Left

The campground where we are located, Otter Springs in Trenton, FL is a county operated park.  Friday a lot of campers began arriving—people with 2 rigs, 2 tents, lots of kids and dogs.  The folks parked near us were a LOT quieter than we expected but as Al and Karen said, they had little kids, they had to go to bed early—plus they had a very tiny camper.  But today, everybody but the regulars are gone again.  Ah, peace and quiet!!  But, dang cold!  It was 28 degrees this morning and we walked in coats and down vests, what’s up with that Florida???IMG_2221Tonight it is supposed to get even colder and the way it feels outside right now I can believe it.  A cold north wind blew all day, too, but at least the sun was shining!

We got in a nice 4 mile hike and homemade pizza for lunch before we took off on another drive.  Visited another RV park in Williston about 40 miles from here—oh my, very fancy, schmancy!  But sardine-ville!  And almost $700 a month.  Drove way out in the country past dairy farms and hay fields to a older park with a newly developed section.  Big plans in the works, huge RV sites just like Cedar Key, pool, spa, new clubhouse, pet walk, etc.  Some of the sites in the newer part are ready for occupancy at a great rate—but man, you are way out in the country! 


Well, I may be eating my words tomorrow, maybe not???


  1. Sure looks nice by that lake even if it is a bit cold.

    It wasn't cold here in Desert Hot Springs but the wind blew pretty good all day.

  2. I should think that you are very used to being way out in the country! :)

  3. It is cold here in Lake wales which is south of you. We made a trip back to Fort Wayne, In a week and half ago. It was 11 when we left the fort and 24 when we left Macon this morning. It is 42 right now. What happened is right

  4. Beautiful pics -- it's cold in NC but no snow thank goodness!

  5. Haha, I wondered when that was going to happen, I was thinking it might be an unusuall winter in FL this year and not get so cold...But you finally get to experience it.... I spent the first 45 years of my life in Nebraska and believe me I have gotten colder in FL that I did in Nebr. Its the humidity that makes the difference..

  6. Aww you were right by my mommy's house!! yes, the park in Williston is too fancy for us (The Crossing) but I like the Mayberry type cop car they had on display! I would drive that!

    You should stop in at Devils' Den. It's about 1 mile north of Williston. It's an underground diving cave and above ground lagoons and a small campground. We stayed there when my folks bought their new rig, just to try it out. Here is a link to their site:


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