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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

An Unexpected Hike

Michael took Miss Emmi for a walk around the park this morning and I got us ready packing up some snacks.  Our destination was Trenton, Florida.  Looking at another campground and the quilt shop at Trenton.

We first drove to Old Town again and tried out the Nature Coast Trail, miles and miles of paved (yes, JB) paths following an old railroad bed connecting Old Town, Trenton and Chiefland.  Beautiful scenery and a bridge over the Suwanee River.

IMG_2047IMG_2051That walk, stroll, whatever was probably about 2 miles.  We then headed over toward Trenton to Otter Springs—readers Al and Karen are workcamping there and had recommended their campground as being nice and quiet.  Beautiful spot under many live oak trees, a spring feeding into the Suwanee River—we can launch the kayak right from the campground and a heated indoor pool!!!  And great ice cream bars in the office/store refrigerator/freezer!!  There was a nature trail leading to the river which the ladies in the office said was about a mile one way.  Off we went—well, I think we took a wrong turn—this is getting to be a habit!!!  Over an hour later we are back at the jeep—hot, sweaty and famished.  We did find the river.  Unfortunately we missed Karen and Al—they were off on an adventure.

On to Trenton to find the quilt shop and lunch.  The brochure we had mentioned a café  located within the quilt shop—should have know better!  Yes, it was a quaint little café with a menu that read:  quiche, salads, etc.  They did offer as a special a taco salad which my husband would have been happy to eat but they had just served the last one.  Dear Michael retreated to the car and I attempted to browse through the quilt shop—not happening, I was so hungry I couldn’t even think straight.

We left to find a burger spot—very good burgers and delicious milkshakes.  By then we were both so tired after our six miles of walking we pointed the jeep toward home.

IMG_2054Suwanee River at the campground.IMG_2057IMG_2060


  1. Hi! Thanks for your note, I'm happy you like the campground. I'm trying to give them some PR as I think its very nice but not well-known :-). We're in Disney for a family reunion but will be back Friday...see you Saturday!

  2. Have you considered bicycles? II have heard that Florida is not very bicycle friendly, though.

  3. I love the Spanish Moss hanging from those old Oak trees. Brings back memories!

  4. I get tired just reading about your hikes...:) sounds like a great place...

  5. Your pictures are so clear and beautiful. My favorites were the bridge and the huge tree with moss hanging from it.
    Happy Travels,
    Betty and Joe

  6. Looks like a beautiful place to stay and camp. I really enjoy the scenery of the nature trails in Florida. If you're ever looking for campgrounds or things to do in the area, check out We are a website dedicated to the RV camping experience. We not only list campgrounds and points of interest, but we have RVs for sale, dealerships and community forums on the site. Come visit us, it’s only a click away!

  7. Another really good day in the Floridian state. Great photos too.


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