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Friday, January 27, 2012

Touring Around

Michael took Emmi for a walk around the park—it’s about 3/4 mile while I got ready to go.  We were off to see new sights today. 

First to Chiefland, Fanning Springs then Old Town.  No stops in between, in Old Town we took Highway 349 south and found our kind of campground.  Way out in the country (with a Verizon tower right across the road from the entrance) down a gravel road out to the Suwanee River.  The campground isn’t actually on the river although they do have river frontage—you just have to take this awesome boardwalk through the swamp to get to the river—about a 1/4 mile of boardwalk!  The camp host told us the owners built everything in this park themselves at night and on weekends including this boardwalk.  They both had day jobs while building the park.  No night lighting at all, just around the shower house.  Cable TV and WiFi but only in the clubhouse.  The price of $450 per month includes electric and the cable!!  OK, we like this one.  Very friendly campers—everyone waved as we drove around looking at different sites.  Suwanee River Hideaway RV Park.  And JB there is a 3 mile trail (not paved) through the forest around the perimeter of the campground.

Farther south we found another beautiful park right on the Suwanee River—premium river front sites with your windshield parked out over the water were $838 per month!!!!!  This includes cable, WiFi at your site (good thing, phones nor aircards work here) and electric.  A little steep if you ask me, this isn’t ocean front we are talking about here!  And while the woman who helped me in the office was super nice, no one was out of their RV’s and the park was fairly full in the non-premium non-riverfornt sites.  No, probably not the one for us.

On to Suwanee where we found lunch at a quaint little café—pretty good.  Then the going gets rough—we take a gravel road to Horseshoe Beach, another quaint little ocean front town with a series of canals with houses and boat houses.  From there we were going to try and find our way to Steinhatchee through the back roads—and as Al from the Bayfield Bunch said, there are no mountains to show you the direction you should be taking.  We drove and drove along these bumpy, narrow roads, through pine and swamp cabbage swamps--IMG_2011

Until finally we came to a locked gate!!!!  Nope, this is not the way.  Turned around, drove and drove getting back to the highway leaving Steinhatchee for another day.  After getting lost we decided a McDonald’s ice cream was in order.  We finally arrived home just after 5pm—whew!!

IMG_2013Islands off shore from Horseshoe Beach and some of the islands are big enough to have homes on them!  As you can see by the water, the wind was blowing here today, Florida must think we are homesick for windy Montana.IMG_2015


I’m done for the day!


  1. For that price Alan Jackson should water ski to your site and cook tube steaks for y'all.

  2. First park sounds good, but did you check for mosquitoes on that boardwalk through the swamp? :)

  3. wow sounds like you guys had a large day...following along on your research with you :) have a super weekend..I'm thinking mosquitoes in the swampy area also...

  4. If your looking for a Campground a little remote have a look at it is a bit south of where you are(200miles) we drove through it and are moving there Feb 5 . Price is good and the place is friendly no paved roads but there are cement pads.


  5. Those towns & areas were the very same places we were flying over a month ago with our Google Earth plane looking at Real Estate. If push comes to shove some day we still might end up in that area. Anything beats a cold snowy winter in the North!!

  6. That is one of the things that bothered me the most when my company sent me to Florida, I couldn't ever see very far. For an old boy from the open country, that bothered me.

    Sounds like the first RV park you describe is the one....It was all pluses. I like the no lights bit. At night I like it dark...

    Don't go any further South! Go up around Monticello,,,My 20 acres was just south of Lamont, on the Aucilla River. I have a Cowboy shooter friend that has 10 acres just north of Monticello,,Roger and Susan Haddix,,,,He lives in a 5th wheel and pulls it with a Volvo. he would love to meet ya all....

    Have fun,,,,Sorry about the rambling,you got me missin that country......

  7. That is one powerful, scary looking police car!

  8. That Metropolitan Hudson is identical (other than colour) to the very first car my brother and I had. Our father got it for a nickel and gave it to us. We spent more time under the hood than on the road. i think that was father's thought when he acquired it for us. LOL

  9. Hi there. I'm a new follower, but we're fairly close to where you are and where you were looking...we're camphosting this winter at Otter Springs RV Park in Trenton. Its pretty nice here, quiet and friendly folks, not crowded at all. Its a county campground, but has full hook-ups and an indoor heated pool. Cell and aircard work fine. Come check us out!

  10. Been following you for a couple of months. Love the Montana pictures. We are in Clermont and should leave in about a week. After your pictures of Cedar Key we're thinking of heading that way.


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