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Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Low Key Sunday

Today is my dear sister Ann’s birthday—sounds as if they had a wonderful celebration lunch at Mom’s back in Arkansas today—Happy Birthday Ann, we love you!

I attended church this morning at the United Methodist Church.  A very nice, friendly bunch of people, a good service and a beautiful old building.  Michael went downtown while I was at church and took photos of some of the old buildings—he brought along his paints and is going to try painting again.IMG_2342IMG_2343

Back home I made lunch, we walked the dog, sat outside and read, visited with neighbors, just a low key Sunday.  This resort has a central location for a campfire and almost every night there will be people gathered around the fire—tonight we went down for a while and visited taking Ms Emmi with us. 

The people who came in later last night in a Country Coach motorhome are from New York, they own a campground on Lake George in upstate New York.  Still having teenagers at home they get away for a couple weeks in the winter months.  The two of them along with their corgi, Minnie, were down by the campfire and I noticed her wine glass—it was identical to the ones we have in our motorhome in what our little Arkansas friend Harley called the “Hollywood” cabinet (it has lights inside).  The glasses came with this 1996 coach when we bought it—I just thought the glasses were purchased by previous owners.  But I found out tonight, nope, all Country Coaches came with those same glasses in the same kind of cabinet—who knew!  All six of my glasses are still intact, Debbie says there are only two of the original ones left in her cabinet—her coach is a 2002.  Guess I will take better care of those wine glasses, the ones hanging from the top.  IMG_1834

OK, can you tell it was a very quiet day around here, a whole paragraph devoted to wine glasses.  But it was a good day in Florida.


  1. :) everyday is a good day in Florida!! The weather on this side has been fantastic...we had a super weekend also..we're heading up to the panhandle area in a few more I enjoy reading your take on the area..have a super week

  2. Perhaps on your next low key day you can write a paragraph about what goes in those glasses. :)

  3. Nice shots of those old buildings. Hope Mike does a painting of them as I'd love to see that.

  4. No broken wine glasses? Amazing! Must be the good RV driver.

    I'm with Rick with looking forward to seeing Mike's painting(s).


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