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Thursday, January 12, 2012

We Got Lost

Remember that handy/dandy husband I said I loved last night, well he’s in the dog house tonight.  As we left the jeep this morning starting out on our four mile walk I said, “oh, dang it, I left the map in the jeep.”  The handy/dandy husband said, “are we going the same way (four miles) we went the other day, if so I can get us there.”  Off we went with no map. 

Seven miles later we got back to the jeep after getting lost!  Took a wrong turn somewhere!  And as we were only hiking four miles, we didn’t take any water.  As Al from The Bayfield Bunch says, “those jeep seats sure felt good!!”  And the water we had in the jeep sure tasted good to all of us, including Emmi!  Michael also made the mistake of saying, “well, I did it for your own good so you would get more exercise.”  Yep, he’s in the dog house, he might should have left off the last statement!

I think we saw a Florida Scrub Jay this morning—we will await Bird Lady Judy’s judgment:

IMG_1705I saw a huge wild pig on our hike this morning and heard what sounded like a whole bunch more pigs in the bushes. 

We came home and instead of eating the whole house like I wanted to after that little journey we had salads for lunch with chicken I cooked yesterday. 

After lunch we drove over to Chiefland (20 miles) and gave some more money to the Walton family.  We found the best produce market—it may be the same one Karen In The Woods told us about.  Huge fresh Florida navel oranges, grapefruit, tomatoes, lemons and limes.  We are going to be eating so healthy!

IMG_1710The soil here is sand, white sand.  In the plowed hayfields we pass you can see the white sand peaking up between the newly sprouted hay.  Where we walk the trail is sometimes through huge pine trees and shaded, other times it is a very sandy path and feels as if you are walking on the beach.  Good for those calf muscles!

IMG_1712Looks like the jungle doesn’t it!

Another good day in Florida!

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