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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Not Much Going On Today

Another four mile hike this morning and the only critters we ran into were two legged ones—a very nice couple just out for a stroll. 

We enjoyed a delicious lunch, oven fries, steak on the grill and a big salad.  After lunch I dragged out all my sewing stuff—it’s almost more trouble than it’s worth to sew in the motorhome.  I use the dining table and kitchen counter top which means in order to fix a meal everything has to be put away.

I am struggling with the current quilt project—poorly written pattern as usual, my poor choice of fabrics (didn’t use enough different colors), and poor piecing.  Poor piecing because I didn’t follow my original quilting teacher’s admonitions—never freehand cut triangles and expect those triangles to make a perfect square when sewn together.  There are several methods for making accurate half square triangles and this pattern does not ever mention using any of those methods.  The pattern never tells you what size your finished blocks should be.  It just tells you to cut a square and whack it in half diagonally.  Not gonna work—my blocks weren’t square, some of my points are off—it’s frustrating to spend that kind of money on fabric and not have an accurate quilt when you are finished.  GRRRRR

Michael worked on the taxes and I didn’t hear too much growling from his corner except from Emmi so things must be going OK.  Emmi sits on the back of the couch growling and snorting at folks passing by.  She doesn’t bark, just snorts and growls until one of us tells her to knock it off.

A couple walks through the RV park with Emmi and that’s about it for our day.  The folks who manage this park got wind that we were thinking of leaving—not for price, just for a change of scenery.  The banker dude whose bank now owns this park told them to make us an offer for three months that we just may find hard to turn down!!




  1. I'll be curious to know what the offer was to have you stay longer.

    Income taxes!!! No fun but a necessary evil!

  2. sounds like another good day up in the panhandle :)....we can't wait to get up there..I picked up a cutting mat and rotary cutter a few years back Janna for cutting out my quilting patterns..very economical, and accurate (the mat is all measured in squares inches etc) can cut many thicknesses at one time :)..I choose to ignore rude Anonymous and not leave a comment re: his/her life..but I just can't let it go...Anonymous you truly need to 'get a life'..guess you just can't cure 'stupid'...if only..have a super week Janna...

  3. Think I recognize that sunset. Hope you got a great offer.

  4. Lynette Jensen from Thimbleberries writes the best patterns. Her patterns show pictures, and she also give measurements for block size and the size the quilt should be when all the blocks are put togeter before borders. I took a class from her when I first started quilting and no pattern has ever measured up to hers. Now material is a different story. I still struggle but I get better on every quilt I do.

  5. Hi this is Julie. I didn't take Anonymous comment to be rude, just saying the park needs help. Funny how we all see things different.

  6. Janna....if you don't like the way that quilt looks, you can just give it to me. :-) I love the colors. Sounds like you guys are enjoying our old stomping grounds. Hugs.....

  7. I have to do the same thing. Pull everything out...Machine on table, cutting stuff and prssing stuff on cupboard. Then move everything to prepare a meal. It does get frustrating.
    Some patterns really are discouraging in the directions. Hang in there. With the price of fabric I know how you feel when it does not work out right.
    Hope you get a good offer on a site. Let us all know the result.


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