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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Drive Through The Country

Missouri readers Leonard and Sondra had told us about a National Forest campground here in Florida which allowed long term winter stays—full hookups, friendly people, could use the national America The Beautiful Senior Pass, hiking—sounded like the one for us so off we went.

From here at the resort we took the scenic route on the back roads through some of the most beautiful country—huge moss covered live oaks hanging over the roadways and massive, beautiful horse farms.  Gigantic homes and even bigger horse barns and arenas.   Immaculate pastures, small boxes of fencing around each of the trees in the pasture for protection.  I just kept “oohing” and “awing”.  No shortage of money in that area but we did see several for sale.  None of my photos were worth publishing, sorry JB!

We found the USFS park and while it is a beautiful spot with access to a wonderful little lake, it’s not for us—we are too connected to this 21rst century—our cellphone would not work so I doubt our internet would either.  Across the road from the USFS park was a private park and we stopped there, gathered information and drove around.  Again, nice enough park but no phone service.  The only WiFi they offered was in the clubhouse.  So, struck out again.  But, we are also perfectly happy right where we are—if we could find another spot such as this it would be fun to see different country—if not, we will stay put.  It sure is fun to go look though—thanks Leonard and Sondra for the tip! 

Found a great little spot right across the street from the USFS campground to have lunch—real hamburgers and I enjoyed sweet potato fries, very yummy!

IMG_1768He wouldn’t turn around and face me dang it! 

A great day, now we are kicked back in our easy chairs using that internet we are so tied to!

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