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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

What a wonderful day and way to start the New Year!!  And of course it involved eating.  This photo is for Vera—here’s what those beignets are supposed to look like:


We slept in this morning but were up, dressed and ready to go about 9am—off for more eating.  This morning we were invited to Miss Wanda and Mr. Phil’s—parents of Parker who is Ashley’s husband and Ashley is the daughter of Gina and Rollie—WHEW—everybody got that???  What a gracious, welcoming family!  And a beautiful home!!!  Michael got to try grits for the first time—shrimp and cheese grits—he actually liked the grits!  We so enjoyed meeting the Jenkins family!

A couple weeks ago, Gina called to tell me about a surprise—she and Rollie are going to be grandparents again.  Ashley and Parker will welcome Miss Jolee into the world around the first of May.  Talk about excitement around here, Michael and I have even caught it!IMG_3955IMG_3965



We headed back home after brunch and a couple of hours after that, guess what—we are eating again—our menu for good luck and wealth in the New Year.   Cabbage, black eyed peas, smoked pork and turkey.  That turkey had to be the best turkey I have ever eaten!  Michael ate a few peas for good luck but said he would have to hang onto my coat tails this year for the wealth part as he wasn’t eating any cabbage!  Dana and Rickey joined us as well as Mr. Rollie (Rollie’s Dad) and Ms. Jan.  IMG_1577IMG_1579Gina’s table.

We all sat around and groaned for a while before Gina and I dug out the sewing machine and had a lesson.  Michael and Rollie flew the remote control helicopters sending Emmi into a frenzy!  Fireworks, guns, thunder don’t bother Emmi but that buzzing helicopter sure did!  IMG_1586See the helicopter out in front of him to his right?

And of course we had to have dessert—cream cheese pound cake or king cake!IMG_1590

One of the best New Year’s Days we’ve ever had—simply wonderful spent with such good friends.


  1. what a day you had filled with food, babies and flying helicopters in the house?..Happy New Year to you ALL!!!

  2. Sounds like you had a great day for sure. We had smoked turkey at our daughter's house for Thanksgiving and it was tender and moist with just a hint of the smoked flavor. Grandson got three of those helicopters for Christmas so of course we had flying helicopters at our house too!

  3. What a wonderful way to start 2012! We'll look forward to enjoying the rest of the year with you here on the blog. Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. What a great start to the New Year ~ Good food, good friends and good times!!!
    Have fun & Travel safe
    Happy New Year

  5. Great way to start the new year - that king cake looks deeeelicious!!!

  6. Nice visit you two are having. I'll be darned.....flying helicopters in the house! Sure had my fun with those with our son and son in law this past Christmas. Great fun!

  7. what a great day for you!!!!! all the best in 2012 Mike and Janna :)

  8. Wow What a great new year you have and spending it with your family too! All the best in 2012 Mike and Janna :)

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