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Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Great Day

A beautiful Florida Sunday morning, we woke to warm temps and blue skies, not a cloud in the sky and no fog.  Before we came to Florida many people warned us about the bugs—I grew up in the south, I know all about bugs but Michael grew up in Montana.  We have our share of bugs up there in the cold country but maybe because it is so cold the bugs just don’t grow as large.  Michael found this bug on one of our screens today and said, “now I know what they mean about Florida bugs!!”  IMG_1667I had a lot of things I wanted to accomplish today so instead of taking a long hike we drove into Cedar Key and walked along the waterfront watching the birds, people and boats.  We watched two different clam boats come in with their haul:IMG_1658IMG_1660

IMG_1652We thought this looked like a great spot to enjoy a beverage.  While down by the waterfront we watched probably high school age kids bring in a small boat and tie it to the wharf.  We wanted to ask some kayaking questions of the kayak rental place and discovered these two young men were now holding down the fort while their dad or grandfather was off doing something else.  I was so impressed by these two kids—very knowledgeable, extra polite, very articulate for their age—a joy to talk to.  Now we know where to launch the kayak.

Back home I decided to take my sheets and towels up to the “laundromat.”  Two washers and two dryers for 80 RV spots a laundromat this does not make!  And it is outside on the porch!!  What were the developers of this upscale RV resort thinking?????  It was actually fun to sit in the rocking chairs, talk to everyone coming and going while my clothes washed and dried.  The washer and dryer we have on board works very well for washing, not so good for drying.  In the Arizona desert I could hang the clothes on my portable drying rack and in two hours the clothes were dry.  Not in Florida—a pair of jeans I washed on Friday was finally dry today!  So, for larger loads such as sheets and towels it is just easier to head to the laundromat.  IMG_1664

For 12 years I worked for the Kimberly-Clark Corporation as a nurse consultant.  One of my co-workers and best of friends Elaine and her husband Mark live in Ocala a little over an hour from us.  This afternoon we drove over there for a delightful evening.  Mark grilled some awesome steaks and Elaine cooked up enough side dishes for a small army.  The appetizer stuffed mushrooms were to die for!  And while the food was delicious the company was outstanding.  We so enjoyed ourselves!  IMG_1671Elaine’s comment when she saw the photo on the camera, “I think I need to stand on a stool.”  Thank you guys for a wonderful evening!

On the way home through the back woods of Florida I could have sworn we were on the Boulder Road back home as many deer as we dodged, GEEZ!!!

IMG_1663Emmi helping Dad drive in the RV park.

It was a wonderful, wonderful day!

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