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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Walk In The Cemetery And Kayaking

Someone here in the park told us about a boardwalk around the Cedar Key cemetery out to the water so off we went this morning—hopefully no snakes in the cemetery.  Of course we chose the day when the low tide was at its lowest—all we saw when we walked out to the water was mud and these two guys who eventually got moving again.  Michael said he sure would hate to see the inside of that motor—they churned mud and churned mud trying to get into open water again.IMG_1908I was taking the photo directly into the sun so the quality is poor but you can see all the mud churning up at the back of the boat—they are sitting in the only water out there, everything else is mud.

Still, it was a nice walk and we even got onto some sandy beach at one time.  The boardwalk circles around the cemetery—call me morbid but I love to walk through old cemeteries, looking at gravestones and wondering what happened to people.  Here are some of my photos I took, the oldest gravestone we found was a person born in 1820.IMG_1923IMG_1917IMG_1924

It was just such a nice warm (almost hot) day that we decided to go kayaking this afternoon.  It was great to be out on the water—we paddled all the way around the island you can see from the mainland.IMG_1927Backside of the islandIMG_1946Cedar Key off in the distance.

IMG_1931Old abandoned pier on the island

IMG_1934He looks like a statue doesn’t he?

IMG_1940Another wonderful day in Florida.  Trying a new pizza dough recipe tonight, update tomorrow.

No Elaine, the alligators don’t come into the park—“Buddy” guards the entrance Smile And Ron and Thelma, the name of this RV park is Cedar Key RV Resort.


  1. glad to know they don't come right up to your your pictures Janna :) looks like you had a great day!!!! do you love that park??? Any negatives?

  2. Wonder why the small cement walls around some graves.

  3. With all the moss hanging from the trees, that cemetery would be a real creepy place at night.

  4. Don't know if it has anything to do with me being a retired Funeral Director,but I also love to wander around old cemeteries.

  5. Thought that bird looked more like a 'Flasher' than a statue. We also like checking out old cemeteries in our travels. Particularly liked your photo with the old iron fencing. Nicely captures the feeling of an old cemetery.

  6. I really enjoyed the cemetery pictures in today's post. As Al said, "particularly the photo with the iron fencing" Those photo's remind me of a cemetery in Boston MA in which "Mother Goose" rests. Very nice.

  7. I also wonder about the condition of that motor after trying to get through the mud.

    Nice day for kayaking.

    Nice graveyard pix.

  8. We recently visited our family cemetery and found the gravestones of my great grandmother, born in 1858, and my great great grandfather, born in 1816. There were stones dating to the early eighteenth century, but the names on them were not legible.


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