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Monday, January 16, 2012

No Snakes, A New Critter And Exciting Quilting News

Clear blue skies and warmer temperatures created a gorgeous day for us here in Florida.  All the ugly snakes stayed hidden and I didn’t have nightmares about snakes last night.  Someone commented on last night’s blog, “You never saw a cottonmouth on the lakes in Arkansas?”  Well, yes I have—but that was a long time ago.  I have vivid memories of a moccasin chasing my Grandmother down by the pond and her screaming at me, “go get a hoe, go get a hoe.” 

Remember this quilt Caryl Spinny8belonging to my friend Caryl?  She entered the quilt in the Wickenburg, AZ quilt show produced by North Ranch, the Escapees RV park in Congress, AZ.  There are different categories in which one can enter quilts, Caryl entered four quilts.  This quilt won second place in its category competing against 40 other beautiful quilts.  We are thrilled!!!  Another of Caryl’s quilts won a first place in its category.  All the voting is done by “Viewer’s Choice” meaning anyone who views the quilt show can vote.   Just thrilled!!!!

Michael did a little jeep maintenance today and I did some of the laundry.  We kept Emmi entertained with her ball.

Late this afternoon we loaded the kayak and all the other stuff


including the pooch.  Sunset was around 6pm today and high tide was at 6:49pm, perfect!  We hadn’t kayaked from this boat launch before so were a bit cautious—as I’ve said before, the water can be shallow around here and there are oyster beds creating razor sharp edges that could rip a fiber kayak such as ours.  We needn’t have worried, there was plenty of water and we just try to stay out in the channel away from the many little islands. 

But the most awesome part of today’s journey, we noticed something out in front of us—a wake was being created and there were no other boats around—suddenly a dolphin surfaced not 50 yards in front of us.  I almost cried it was just such a special moment!

Sunset wasn’t very colorful, no clouds but it did create some beautiful colors out there on the water.



A very special day here in Florida!

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