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Friday, January 20, 2012

A Hike, Lunch, Another Pink Motorhome Story

A couple days ago I was messing around on Blogger Dashboard—looking at ways comments are posted and saw that ALL my comments were listed there.  Being the tidy person that I am, I began to delete those comments when all of a sudden I had this sick feeling in my stomach.  Yep, when I deleted that list of comments on Blogger Dashboard, I deleted those same comments on the blog!  I only pushed the button enough to delete several days worth, at least not the entire blog’s comments from beginning!  That will teach me to read first!

Fleas and ticks in Arizona versus Florida.  One of those wonderful anonymous commenters which I so love left a comment of this sort, “Should have known better than to believe Janna, of course there are fleas and ticks in Arizona.”  OK, while there may be fleas and ticks in the areas of AZ where there are pine forests, I’ve never had to medicate my dogs for either pest while hanging out in the desert, period.  Where we live in Montana I do not have to medicate my pets for fleas or ticks.  Maybe someone will invent an eradication collar for anonymous commenters who won’t sign their names????

Today we went off in search of somewhere else to walk with less snakes we hoped!  The Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge provided the place—just your kind of spot Judy!  We found kneesIMG_1817as in cypress knees.  We found the huge Suwannee RiverIMG_1821IMG_1823We found willets which looked as if they were walking on waterIMG_1811and no Judy, I didn’t know what they were but this kind bird person came along and told us what the bird was.  And speaking of kind person—these two ladies were just a wealth of information.  A small rally came into our RV park yesterday and one of the motorhomes is a newer Country Coach.  One of the women who was visiting the bird lady who lives in Cedar Key six months of the year asked us where we were staying.  Turns out Jan and her husband Jim are the Country Coach people here at the park!  The woman who lives in Cedar Key told us about all sorts of things to do. 

By the time we had walked over three miles, chatted, looked, etc. we were getting very hungry.  On the northern edge of the wildlife refuge is a small fishing community called Fowlers Bluff.  We saw a sign for a restaurant and decided to take a look.  Right on the banks of the Suwannee River is this little store/restaurant dive—the food was a complete surprise.  One of the best pieces of fish I have ever eatenIMG_1829homemade tarter sauce that was to die for.  Michael had a philly cheesesteak and while the place was out of hoagie buns, he said it was even better served on Texas toastIMG_1827Very, very good and a cheerful, fun waitress to boot!

OK JB, this pink motorhome stuff is getting to be a habit!  I go up to the clubhouse late this afternoon to retrieve mail my Mom sent.  I’m chatting with Connie, one of the hosts and this woman working on a jigsaw puzzle says to me, “do you have a pink motorhome?!!!!”  She and her husband have a home in Mississippi, travel in a Casita travel trailer and have met Judy of Travels With Emma.  This morning over breakfast they were discussing the color of the motorhome across from them, was it pink or not—deciding it was pink the husband who heard us say last night around the campfire that we were from Montana said, “that’s the lady with the pink motorhome who writes a blog.”  Guilty! 

The folks, Jim and Judy with the newer Country Coach stopped by this afternoon for a chat.  They are fulltimers with a RV lot in the Hill Country of Texas.

Tonight we went into town for gas and to have an adult beverage at the Island Hotel—built in 1859 as a general store it is now a bed and breakfast with an acclaimed restaurant.  On Friday nights a band plays in the tiny bar—it is the local thing to do, go to The Island, have a drink and listen to music.  We were too early for the music but we enjoyed meeting Angie, the bartender and checking out all the photos of celebrities who have visited the hotel. 

I read the following quote this morning and decided it was blog worthy, “No matter where you end up in retirement, remember that relationships are more important than the weather. The warmest climate can be found amidst the safety and security of family and friends.”  By Tom Sightings | U.S.News & World Report LP  And I think it is very true to an extent—although we love traveling in the winter escaping the cold and snow, we do miss our friends immensely!  Are you listening guys???  Are you listening Terry????

Saw this on LoraLee’s Facebook page and liked so I stole it!  IMG_1830This sign was located at the boat dock next to the restaurant where we had lunch, it was hard to believe we were 20 miles from the Gulf.

It has been a wonderful day here in Florida, tomorrow we are off on another adventure.


  1. Ahhhhh “that’s the lady with the pink motorhome who writes a blog.” but you have to ADD to that "and who has a macho cowboy husband"

    There, now don't that sound better?

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  2. If the shoe fits I guess you gotta wear it. In fact revel in it. I think it is time you and Mike got matching Pink Vests and maybe to continue the theme get the blog title emblazoned on the back in bright yellow thread to match the Jeep.

    Looks like you are having fun over there in the wet country.

  3. You sound like me the first couple winters I spent in Florida,,,Thought I was in Heaven. But,,,I knew there was an Arizona over here...I told Ms Pat about it and she said "I'd like to see that!" OK I told here, when we retire you WILL see it!!!

    She loved it and also the Black Hills near where my folks lived... Now I can hardly get her to leave the West..

    You need to go to St. George Island,,,

  4. Glad you met the rolling egg crew!

    I have often thought of applying to volunteer at Suwannee NWR. It's nice to see some pictures from there. Thanks. :)

  5. Our Safari is silver, mauve (pink) and deep dark purple. Everyone calls it the "pink" motorhome. I guess we have more than quilting in common.


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