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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Another Lazy Day

Days like this could become a habit—sitting outside in our lounge chairs, Michael painting, me reading and occasionally getting up to throw the ball for Emmi.  Chatting with our neighbors as they walk by—yep we could get used to this.

We did go downtown Cedar Key today and walk around some of the neighborhoods for exercise—less snakes and alligators  Smile

On the way in we noticed what seemed to be low, low tide, we’ve never seen the water this low.  Made us really think about what the two experts told us—only go out at high tide.  IMG_1893

We saw another dolphin while walking around downtown and these beautiful flowers:IMG_1897

It was a very warm and humid day today and by the time we got back to the jeep we were ready for those nice seats.  Stopped by Southern Cross Seafood and picked up some scallops for dinner and oh, my were they delicious.  I used a recipe from the Pioneer Woman  blog—YUM! 

When we drove into the park this morning “Buddy” and a turtle were sunning themselves—can a turtle swim fast enough to get away from an alligator??



Another great day in Florida.


  1. Sure can understand how you could get use to the lifestyle. Sounds like a fun and relaxing time.

  2. You deserve to relax a little, your summers are filled with long days. Enjoy the scenery and watch out for those 'gators!!

  3. Rick is planning to visit your area..and every time I read your blog I say "Not sure I want to visit there Rick there seems to be gators everywhere" do they come up near your campsite? think they'd eat my dogs?

  4. I still think Arizona is a better environment, at least for us. We considered retiring in Florida (my younger brother lives there), but the hurricanes were a deal killer.

  5. That bright yellow flower makes me long for spring. It'll be here before long.

  6. I can see that these kind of days can be habit forming:)

  7. If Paulette ever sees your photos of those gators, we'll never get to Florida!!


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