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Monday, January 9, 2012

Kayaking In The Ocean

If anyone had told me a year ago I would be kayaking in the ocean I would have said, “oh, no, not me, not out there in that big ocean with all those waves.”  Well that’s exactly what we did today, we went kayaking in the ocean.  This area called The Hidden Coast is very sediment filled from the many rivers which dump into the ocean, one being the large Suwanee River.  The high tides are considered to be not very deep and low tides leave huge mud flats exposed.  And there are no waves except those created by fishing boats. 

It was so cool—we paddled out to this island which you can hike onto.  Emmi went with us and was the star attraction at the dock with her pink lifejacket.  Our Folbot kayak attracted a lot of attention, too.  The guy renting out the hard sided kayaks had to come look at it and ask all sorts of questions.  The kayak is really a nice boat and fits us well. 


Before we headed into town for kayaking we took a walk in the Cedar Key Scrub Preserve again and as we were walking along, Michael said, “CAT!!!”  And he didn’t mean kitty cat!  All I saw was the back end of the cat going into the bushes.  It was the size of bobcat or lynx—don’t know if they have those species in Florida or not.  As we were driving by the small pond near the clubhouse this morning we spotted the resident alligator, when we came back from kayaking he was sunning himself, YIKES!  Hang onto Emmi!!


Another great day in Florida!  For lunch I made a red sauce with clams over pasta and this afternoon when we got back from kayaking I mixed up a batch of bread (yep, I brought that KitchenAid mixer with me this year) and it is now cooking in our convection oven—smells very good in this motorhome. 

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