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Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Rain Left

Last night when I took Emmi out for her last trip the stars were out—rain all gone.  Woke to beautiful sunshine but very damp around here!  Decided our normal walking spot would be too wet—some tall grass—probably soaking us.  Instead we headed off to the Lower Suwannee National Wildlife Refuge for a hike.  Only two miles but it was beautiful through forests, across boardwalks, along the marshes and finally out to the bay.  Not very many people around, a perfect morning.

IMG_1801This sign told us about Shell Mound—there is a trail leading to the top of the mound giving you a beautiful view of the bay:IMG_1800



Once back home we stowed the Emmi girl and walked down to the clubhouse for Betty’s (one of the camp host) homemade sausage and spinach soup—it was really good and Mr. Michael even liked it!  We didn’t have to do much talking, only eating as all the talking was taken care of by one of our table mates!

Michael worked on our entry door lock—it had suddenly decided to not latch part of the time—all fixed now.  I played ball with Emmi—she was intent on retrieving her own ball out of the bay:IMG_1804A couple walks around the park throughout the afternoon, another game of ball with Emmi, Mr. Michael took a nap, I gave myself a pedicure and that’s about it for our Thursday afternoon in Florida.

Happy, happy birthday Ms Gina!  IMG_1803


  1. I spent some time at Shell Mound, well at least in that area. We camped at Indian River on the way to Appalachicola. I love the refuge there so much. It's wonderful reading your stories. Can hardly wait to spend a winter in Florida sometime.

  2. What a wonderful way to spend the day. Your photos are great. I felt like I was right with you instead of WI, where it is bitter cold.

  3. Beautiful area you are in at the moment. Better than here the snow!!! We'll be getting your rain tomorrow though maybe it will take care of the snow.

  4. So let me get this straight. If you sit in one place long enough, throwing your leftovers around you it becomes an archaeological site. Interesting concept, and I think I have seen some yards that are well on the way to that status.

  5. Putting Shell Mound on our 'to see' list we plan to do that area in Feb....have a great weekend...excellent pictures :)

  6. Shell mounds are certainly interesting.

  7. Nice white Egret reflection photo:))

  8. Thank you Janna for the birthday wishes. I enjoyed a wonderful day with Abigail and Ashley. Just a wonderful day. I think you need to come back to Louisiana and I'll make sure you want have to do your on pedicure.

    Love & Hugs,

  9. I found the shell historically very interesting but physically not very exciting:)


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