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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Stay At Home Day

We woke to the sound of rain on the roof—it didn’t rain long, just a shower or two through the morning.  Florida like much of the south needs rain.  Michael remarked, “even when it rains down here it is still warm.”  We are liking this weather although the weatherman has frequently droned on about it getting “much colder on Friday.”  I highly doubt the weathermen in Florida have a clue what “much colder” means! 

In January 2011 while we were in Louisiana visiting Gina and Rollie we purchased a reclining loveseat for this motorhome.  The springs weren’t very good causing both of us to gimp around as if we were old folks when we got off the couch.  Michael took some springs out of the old furniture we removed from this motorhome and brought those springs with us.  Today he turned the sofa upside down and installed those springs.  Have I mentioned I love this handyman husband I have???  Tonight my rear end is appropriately and comfortably supported!

While he was doing this I performed such exciting tasks as bathroom cleaning!  And I bathed Ms Emmi in preparation for giving her a Florida haircut after lunch.  I pan sautéed some chicken breast tenderloins for lunch and made homemade oven fries in my convection oven.  I’ve never been able to use this oven very much because we’ve always boondocked and convection ovens do not run on the inverter!!  After lunch puppy looking Emmi became a schnauzer again.  While we were visiting Jim and Ellie I was lamenting the fact that her dogs were so well groomed and then there was the ragamuffin Emmi!  No more, she is now a well groomed dog, too!

As a belated birthday present my friend Gina gave me a copy of The Pioneer Woman Cooks cookbook.  I love the Pioneer Woman blog—today I had time to sit down and read some of the book—it’s so much fun!  The recipes are great but I love all the chatter she includes also.

This afternoon we drove out to the coast to see if there were any waves—nope, not in this shallow coastal area, only really rough chop which the experts say can swamp a kayak in nothing flat.  So needless to say, we did not kayak today.  IMG_1699IMG_1701Just a little windy out there today!  I love this old house in downtown Cedar Key, two stories built on what I call stilts and very long and narrow—painted a beautiful yellow color, an entry gate and courtyard with huge overhanging palm trees—it speaks of tropical and island living.IMG_1702

Another good day in Florida.

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