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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Really, Who Turned Off The Heat

It was a cold morning for Florida, 31 degrees and that dang wind was cold again!  We even fired up the hydro hot heat system this morning.  Sure am glad Michael has the morning duty with Emmi!

We were having guests today—Mark and Elaine who have lived in Florida a large portion of their adult lives had never seen Cedar Key.  They arrived about 2pm and after a tour of the motorhome off we went the big town of Cedar Key.  We wandered down to the wharf area and into a few shops, I did find a birthday present.

After our tour we came back out to the resort and sat ourselves down for a good visit.  The Pioneer Woman jalapeno poppers were well received as was the routine southern style cheese dip.  I puttered in the kitchen while we all visited with Elaine asking what she could do to help me.  I told her RV kitchens are only big enough for one cook!

For dinner I used our convection oven to cook a beef tenderloin roast, first searing it on the grill.  Let me tell you that was one delicious cut of meat and the oven cooked it to perfection.  We also enjoyed garlic mashed potatoes and salad with poppy seed dressing.  For dessert I made a blackberry cobbler from again, The Pioneer Woman cookbook.  We enjoyed our first Blue Bell ice cream of the year with the cobbler.  Can’t get Blue Bell ice cream in Montana and I was thrilled to see the Chiefland Wal Mart carries it.

Before it was totally dark Elaine and Mark headed back to Ocala with lots of warnings about the suicidal deer.  It was a wonderful evening spent with good friends.

Here are some photos of the four of us, none of which turned out very well—sun was too bright this afternoon.  Another woman standing near us volunteered to take a photo of the four of us and it is slightly out of focus—but you get the gist—we were having a good time.



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