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Saturday, February 27, 2010

A Car Show and Bar-B-Que

When you are boondocking and the faucet starts to sputter it is time to go get water—it doesn’t matter what your tank gauges say—it is time to go get water.  So, off we went to the Bouse Community Park to empty our holding tanks and take on fresh water—we went a full 10 days this time.  The Park was very busy, today was the annual fire department bar-b-que and car show—a very busy place.  There were vendors and a band as well.  After doing all our dumping and filling we tried out the bar-b-que ( have had better) and looked through the antique cars—this little car was very interesting.  It was about 3/4 the size of a Model A and totally hand made—it was drawing more attention than all the other shiny, spiffed up cars and it runs, someone said they saw the owner driving it in!

Bouse Car Bouse Odd Car Bouse Odd Car2

On leaving the community park, we headed out to the new boondocking spot we discovered yesterday to see if the computers would work any better.  Holy smoke, the internet operated at the speed of light—it was amazing the difference.  Michael was able to surf an auction site he hasn’t been able to use all winter—I loaded our Yahoo e-mail very quickly, it had been taking 2-3 minutes to load the e-mail.  So, the decision is made, we are moving.  But, I have a quilt on the frame—can’t move the quilting machine without taking it completely apart.

When we got back to our site in the desert, Michael, Jim, and Ellie along with the 3 dogs decided to go back to the potential new site and hike around to find the “perfect” spot.  I elected to stay and see if I could get that quilt finished.

Even though the wind was rocking and rolling that trailer at times, I finished the quilt this afternoon.  YEA—we can move tomorrow!

The guys treated us to dinner in Quartzsite tonight and it was really good.  It is raining but is forecasted to stop by midnight and tomorrow is to be another nice day. 


  1. That sure is a cute vehicle. It is so nice to have fast internet.I can remember being on Dial-up and waiting for ages before a website would finally load. I always enjoy your Blog and am glad you found a good spot.

  2. I find it so amazing that you've managed to take a quilting machine on the road. Wow. I take my little featherweight with me when I go - that's about all I have room for. I think it's also why I do mostly mini-quilts and crib/lap size quilts.

  3. OH looking forward to seeing your new boondocking spot!

    P.S. Steveio and I loved the pic of the old Model A -teeheeeheeeee

    Karen and Steve


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