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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Looking For A Geo-cache

Ellie is interested in geo-caching and has about 60 geo-cache finds to her credit. When she checked the location of local geo-caches she found a couple very close to us, one was in or near a rock called the "crab claw." This is the same rock Michael and I hiked to the other day, the one I thought looked like a dinosaur head.

Ainslie arrived just after 9am and we all loaded into his truck and took off. Ainslie was a geologist and knows all about those rocks! It didn't take us long to reach the "crab claw" but finding the geo-cache eluded us--getting up into the rocks that formed the crab claw would have been a real scramble. So off we went in search of another cache.

Ainslie and Michael as we search.
Jim is wondering what in the world he got himself into today!

Ellie trying to pinpoint the "crab claw" cache and deciding the climb just isn't worth it.
The Crab Claw
We walked and walked using Ellie's Garmin GPS and were able to find the other cache. Here is a photo of it wedged in a tree.

It was after noon by the time we located this one so we then started hiking back toward the truck--we were sure glad to find that truck and its seats!
The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing as in reading and napping.
Ainslie and Beryl arrived back here about 4:30 and we all gathered in our motor home for munchies and drinks. Then Jim grilled steaks on the charcoal grill, we added potatoes, fresh asparagus and a salad--a wonderful meal.
Even Emmi is pooped tonight! It was a great day in spite of the cool weather!

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