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Friday, February 26, 2010

Searching For A Spot

Internet signal was still lousy this morning, extremely slow and in the midst of trying to use the computers a Verizon technician called.  Seems we are too far from the Parker, AZ tower to get much signal and it has been something short of a miracle that we have had any service at all!  I told the technician if I ever see another Verizon commercial—“largest 3G network, etc., I am going to throw up!”  Their network is large only if you are located in a big city, to heck with the customers outside those cities!  Verizon is only interested in selling phones and plans, not in improving their customer service.  We like this boondocking business so much we are even considering going back to using our Hughes satellite!  Then we could have internet wherever we go!  And that’s saying something to Verizon because we were pretty unhappy Hughes customers when we got rid of our satellite. 

If we did go back to satellite, at least I am lucky enough to have Michael.  Remember the flying saucer satellite dishes from the 1970’s-1980’s?  Michael taught himself how to install those dishes and sold over a hundred of them.  When the smaller dishes came into vogue, the local telephone company signed Michael on as a dealer and he taught himself how to install those satellite dishes and sold a batch of those.  So, he knows something about the technology which makes it much easier if we go back to satellite internet. 

Today we loaded Emmi into the convertible and took off for the Bouse Library book sale.  Hardback books were 50 cents and paperbacks were 25 cents.  We both came home with some reading material for very little money.  This was also a scouting trip—we wanted to see if we could find a spot to boondock with better phone signal.  Closer into Bouse we did find a potential spot.  We drove all the way over to Parker and found a good spot but it is crowded with other rigs and lots of four wheelers.  When we came down to this area the first of January we parked on the California side just outside Parker for the night—went back and looked there—that site also has potential.

My turn to cook dinner tonight and Jim has graciously agreed to charcoal grill the steaks.  We will have baked potatoes, veggies and a salad.  Ellie is also whipping up a Weight Watcher friendly apple crisp.

I’m off to make buttermilk margaritas, yes buttermilk!

Bouse Museum My basil Bouse Museum and my basil plants


Feb sunset February sunset.


  1. We've had good luck with our Verizon so far. A few spotty places but basically it has worked well for us. We have had to adjust our boondocking a bit to accomodate the signal but so far so good. We had Hughesnet as well but wouldn't go back to it. We suspect our solar power feed may have had something to do with killing our 4 month old modem last year. Hughesnet treated us pretty rough when we tried to end our contract as well.

  2. Buttermilk margaritas? I'd sure love a description of those!

  3. We have a Sprint card and liked it. It seemed to work pretty well except in Yuma. We had excellent signal when staying on Plomosa Road a couple of miles off the Quartzsite/Parker Highway, but when we are out Dome Rock road earlier in the year it was not so good. I found Sprints coverage maps to be pretty representative of their coverage.


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