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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Another Gorgeous Day

Ellie and the furkids

Off for a nice long walk and Jim joined us today.  It got rather warm before we returned and all our tongues were hanging out by the time we returned to the shade of our rigs! 

I managed to get my Aunt’s log cabin quilt finished and Michael painted another landscape—the one he did yesterday turned out very nicely and so did today’s!

Michael drove into Bouse to mail some things and picked up the local “White Sheet.”  If there is a free want ad newspaper around he will find it!

Ellie and I collaborated again on dinner—we had warmed on the grill filet mignon steaks leftover from our Valentine’s Day meal, roasted white and sweet potatoes, grilled asparagus and squash and the rest of Ellie’s wonderful Weight Watcher friendly chocolate cake.

Ellie and I are off to the Lake Havasu Weight Watcher meeting tomorrow early—Michael and Jim are holding down the fort. 

And speaking of fort, Ellie is getting very territorial about her little piece of the desert—I was sitting in their rig late this afternoon discussing supper plans and a rig came up the road, Ellie says, “a rig!!!  oh no, they can’t park here.”  We love it!



  1. Sounds like you had a king's meal over there! great you are having such a great time!
    Weight Watchers chocolate cake sound like a diet pasta... :) too good to be true! but I am sure it was good.

  2. (dang-lost the first response I typed here)

    That Ellie sure is becoming the avid boondocker! We hate when others park too close or invade our *space* too... LOL and Michael with his freebie ad papers makes me laugh! Steveio loves looking at the local freebie papers when we travel, just to see things and what they sell for in that area. He can sit on Craig's List for hours checking out *stuff* in different cities. I can just see Michael and Steveio side by side in their lawn chairs in the desert, swapping papers as each one is finished with it. LOL

    Karen and Steve

  3. You need to post pictures of Mike's landscapes. I need some inspritation for my art class.

  4. "a rig, oh no they can't park here!!


    That is just tooooooo funny for Ellie & Jim


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