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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Jeep Trip

Yesterday afternoon the folks Andy and Susie who are camped about two miles up the BLM road from us stopped by to ask us if we would like to take a jeep tour of some old mining country just up the road from us. Of course we said yes and they picked us up about 11am.

I didn't know one of the newer Jeep Rubicons could climb rocks like that--we went up and down over roads made only for billy goats making me cringe, gasp and grab for a hand hold. The scenery was just rugged and lonesome looking--makes you wonder about the people who actually did try to mine that inhospitable country! There are old abandoned mine shafts and holes all over that land up there. We walked into several of the shafts--standing up straight in some, stooped in others--made me wonder if the height of the miner determined the height of his mine shaft? Some of the holes were so deep you couldn't see the bottom--scary! We drove, hiked and explored for a while before sitting down on the blankets Susie brought to enjoy our picnic lunch. What a fabulous day and thanks to Andy and Susie for taking us along.

Mike, Emmi and me in front of one of the shafts.
The rugged terrain and mining timbers.

Andy, Mike and Emmi.

Not one photo of Susie--now how did that happen?
As Jim and Ellie are arriving on Wednesday, I wanted all my chores out of the way. I had planned to do laundry today in Parker when the invitation to go jeeping was extended. So, I just got up early--I was at the laundromat in Parker by 7:30, laundry finished, groceries bought and back at the rig by 10am.
Another awesome day of retirement. Emmi was a very good dog today--she is calm, no barking, we kept her on a tight leash--didn't want her falling down a mine shaft!

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