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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Palm Canyon

A few weeks ago The Bayfield Bunch took a day trip to Palm Canyon just south of Quartzsite.  Al’s beautiful photographs inspired us to take that trip today with Jim, Ellie and all three dogs.  We got an early start and after arriving at the “Palms” we were so glad we did.  We enjoyed experiencing that special place with no one else around but us.  It is an awe inspiring creation, not only the palm trees but the canyon walls themselves. 

The canyon is very narrow and steep limiting the amount of sun and providing some moisture in this arid land allowing the palm trees to flourish.  No one knows how the palm trees came to be in this canyon in the KOFA National Wildlife Refuge, there are several theories—perhaps seeds were carried by birds or coyotes.  However the palms came to be in this canyon—it was a spectacular site.  It was very cool and shady up inside the canyon and as we were coming down, many people were going up—again, so glad we came early.

Palm Canyon Michael wanted to get a little  closer to the palms and you can see his red shirt in the third of the photo above with the palms directly above him—gives you a perspective on how steep and high that canyon really is.

Palm Canyon7The entrance to the canyon.

The hike to the palms is a little steep but short, the dogs enjoyed it and so did we.  After a little refreshing snack we headed back toward Quartzsite and our spot in the desert stopping to visit the Bouse Fisherman.  It is a Geoglyph, a Native American storytelling site. 

Picture 063

Bouse Fisherman It was a little hard to visualize the fisherman as he is drawn on the above interpretation sign—the lighter colored spot is  his head and body with the legs at the top of the photograph, the white rocks to the left of the photograph are the tip of his spear.  The sunshine was  just a little too bright to get really good photos.

By this time we and the dogs are hot, tired and hungry and headed home to the coolness of the rigs.  After lunch I practiced looking at the inside of my eyelids as Ellie would say. 

We capped off our day by heading over to the Mexican restaurant in Parker for a delicious meal and then on to the casino where I had beginner’s luck coming home with money in my pocket! 

It was such a good day spent with great friends visiting a special, unique spot in the desert.

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