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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Castle Dome City

Castle Dome City1

The Bayfield Bunch visited Castle Dome City a few days ago and wrote a wonderful blog about that visit.  Al’s photos were great as usual.  They were kind enough to e-mail us directions for getting to the “city” and off we went this morning.  Ainslie and Beryl graciously agreed to drive us all in their double cab truck.  We were making good time until we came upon the dreaded construction—we sat stopped in one place for 30 minutes going and about 15 minutes coming home. 

Traffic getting to Castle Dome 

Castle Dome City is located about 65 miles from Quartzsite and is a private project—an old mining town complete with mining equipment and the tools of daily living the miners used.  We had taken Emmi with us and upon arrival noticed the sign that said no pets in the museum—uh, oh!  We left Emmi in the truck with water, food and the windows rolled down partially.  By the time we were paying the entrance fee I could hear her howling—she hates to be separated from her people.  So, I hurried through the “city” taking some photos and glancing at the exhibits before heading out to the truck to rescue Emmi.  It annoys me that probably some person who is oblivious  to their pet’s behavior spoils it for everyone, but oh well, those were the rules.  So Emmi and I spent some time bonding while the rest of the gang explored.  When everyone started trickling out we all enjoyed our picnic lunches on the tailgate of the pickup.  

Castle Dome

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the museum and the company.  At one time the city of Castle Dome was home to over 3500 people! 

When we got back to Quartzsite, Ainslie wanted to look for a hat for a friend back in Oregon but we weren’t successful—Q is becoming a ghost town, most of the vendors are packing up and heading out!

Ainslie and Beryl joined us for a farewell happy hour, they are leaving in the morning for Oregon.  The night air  finally drove us all inside where Ellie was gracious enough to warm up the chicken from last night and that along with rice and peas made for a great dinner. 

It was another special day with good friends.

Castle Dome City  

The Church


  1. When you were taking photos of Castle Dome mountain today from the west side I was taking pictures of the same mountain from the east side. We caught the Castle Dome in a cross fire. Are you guys still moving down this way??

  2. Nice photos, sounds like you had a wonderful day even though you had to leave Emmi for a short time. I'm sure she forgave you. Pets are so full of love. :)


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