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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Another Girl’s Day Out

Ellie and I took off for Lake Havasu City this morning early but Jim beat us out the door with their laundry by about 30 minutes (Michael are you watching???) We were headed to the closest local Starbucks and the Weight Watcher meeting which was very gratifying to both of us! We enjoyed that latte with pleasure!

After the meeting we headed off to the mall and the pizza place for a delicious lunch. We browsed a couple of stores finding one or two things we couldn’t live without before heading to Home Depot. I bought fresh basil at the Safeway in Parker the other day and it was icky lasting only a couple of days. I was in search of basil plants which I found today. It was such a pleasure to wander through the outdoor garden center and see all the plants and flowers blooming when we won’t see such a thing before May in Montana!

After a stop at Wal Mart for Ellie’s prescription and the Safeway for a few groceries we headed home.

When I stepped into the motor home I saw that the driver chair was turned back around toward the windshield for driving instead of just sitting—when I asked Michael if he went anywhere today his answer, “yes, I went for a joy ride.” I came real close to buying that answer BUT—he took the rig to dump the tanks and fill with fresh water knowing we had the next two days all planned for excursions.

Ellie fixed the most fabulous supper tonight, grilled sausages, peppers and onions with pasta—so good. I filled in with a cesar salad and we enjoyed a glass of wine or two in celebration of our successful weight loss this week. After supper the guys and the girls each won a game of cribbage while watching the USA win a gold medal in downhill skiing, YEA!

Another wonderful day in the desert!

Emmi tormented BoBo and Jazz incessantly all evening! This is a photo of Jim’s.The 3 kids

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  1. Oh gosh all three doggers looking away is sooo cute! They all look like they are ready to POUNCE on something---

    Karen and Steveio


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