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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bouse Museum

We are having problems with the great Verizon today, Ellie and Jim couldn't use their internet late this afternoon and neither could we. I got the same old song and dance from Verizon when I called to complain tonight but the technician did tell me Phoenix was experiencing tower difficulties so maybe those difficulties have carried over to our area too. I cannot get Live Writer to publish the blog so I will do an amended version here in Dashboard without photos.

Ellie and Jim plus furkids joined us for our walk this morning. Next on the agenda was a trip after lunch to the Bouse Museum. A very nice museum for such a small town--we learned that there was a secret WWII training camp here and that the former mayor of Bouse was from Joilet, MT. Bouse was established in 1906 and was a thriving mining town until the late 1920's when the mines began going broke. Now it is a retirement community and a bedroom community for Parker, AZ.

Got a quilt loaded onto the frame today. Ellie and Jim fixed a wonderful meal of grilled chicken, potatoes (sweet and white), salad and sauted brussel sprouts that were great! I contributed my new low calorie salad dressing and the good for us ice cream for desert. The guys let us win the canasta game tonight!

Another great day here in the desert even if Al did send that blasted California wind this way again!

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