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Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Bayfield Bunch

Last year while down here in Arizona, Michael stumbled across a blog called The Bayfield Bunch.  We have been avid every day readers since that discovery.  Al takes great photographs and the two of them always provide all their readers with lots of resources such as links and hints about local attractions.  Al is a professed hermit preferring the company of dogs to people and who can blame him??  Yesterday he sent out an e-mail to several of us suggesting a gathering at their site in the KOFA Wilderness Area.  Most of us thought perhaps he had fallen off a rock and hit his head, contracted a brain malfunction or something else more serious—but no, he really was suggesting we all get together.  So this morning just after 11a we headed down the road in the Saturn stopping in Quartzsite for lunch at the Palo Verde Cafe—salmon burgers, fish and chips, chicken sandwich and hamburgers later we then set off for Al and Kelly’s.  Emmi & AlAl and Emmi

While we were in the restaurant we left Emmi in the car with a new, nice round bone, in the shade with the windows rolled down.  The restaurant had an outdoor patio which I could enter and see the car but Emmi couldn’t see me—when I went out the first time she was doing her howling routine—I clapped my hands and scolded her loudly for being a bad dog—went back inside, waited and came out again, same thing—howling, same routine, clapped my hands and scolded her.  Waited a while, no howling, went back inside waited about 15 minutes and came back outside to check--she wasn’t howling, is Emmi learning???  We can only hope!

Al and Kelly have a premium desert site for the huge dollar amount of $0000!  It was great to finally meet these people and all the other folks that were invited—Pete and Patty who have a RV lot in Quartzsite, and Motty & Patti.  Donna and Stu drove over from Yuma to join us all.  We sat and visited, watched the dogs interact and ate the brownies Patty made and the bagels Motty and Patti brought.  We talked about RVing, photography, flag flying etiquette and all sorts of other things.  

Ellie, Donna & StuEllie, Stu and Donna

There was a lot of good natured teasing of Al—we told him we were coming out to join him—one rig on either side.  We may just head out that way next week—I am jealous of their broadband internet connection. 

Cora & Emmi  Cora and Emmi Jim

Jim, Ellie & KellyJim, Kelly and Ellie

After a wonderful afternoon we decided it was time to head toward home to check on the other two furkids.  Thanks so much Al and Kelly for organizing that get together—we enjoyed it immensely.  Jim & EllieEllie and Jim


  1. I wish I was there with you, it looks like so much fun. I may have to try and make it next year.

  2. Oh, how we would have loved to be there!
    Doug, JoAnn & Fillmore

  3. Looks like you had such a nice visit... all in the sunshine and great weather. Fun fun fun!

  4. Thanks for comming Janna & Mike and of course.... Emmi ! She is a sweet darling little girl.. and welcome to visit anytime !

    I was so glad to meet you and felt like I knew you all already..


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