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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It's Late

Gonna be a short blog tonight, it is late and we have an early morning tomorrow. When I turned my computer on this morning it went through some heart stopping moves, black screen, etc., finally turned on with a message on the screen, "computer cannot start." Well, that was obvious, then it asked me if I wanted to run restore, well that answer was obvious, too. The computer did restart and did restore to an earlier point. But, things are missing like my download of Live Writer so tonight's blog is with the old faithful, Blogger Dashboard. This computer is only 2 years old??? But me thinks I better be backing up some photos!! and other stuff just in case.

Last night Ellie made a wonderful dinner and then we let the guys win playing canasta, then we let the guys win playing cribbage but the second game of cribbage, Ellie and I skunked the guys, finally!

We took a long walk this morning with Emmi. The desert is green and fresh again after the little showers we got. This old tree still has green leaves at the top in spite of having all its roots exposed.
Same tree showing the foliage.
Dave stopped by to chat this morning and agreed to keep Emmi tomorrow while we go to Lake Havasu.
I spent the afternoon quilting and finished this quilt for my Aunt Marg. The photo doesn't do justice to the quilt colors, it is hard to find a place in the motor home to take photos!

It was my turn to fix dinner and I made the garlic/basil shrimp dish again with a cesar salad. Desert was the Weight Watcher friendly ice cream with a little raspberry sauce and a few chocolate chips sprinkled on top--yum--best part of the meal!

Michael thoroughly trounced the rest of us tonight playing Mexican Train. Just another great day here in the desert with Jim and Ellie.


  1. Hope your computer recovers from the flu OK. If all fails just remember to shout loud obsenities at it while gesturing your arms wildly threatening to kick the supreme Mother board out of it!!!! Works for me everytime:))

  2. LOL!! Al, I just bring a sledgehammer in the house and show it to the computer. It behaves itself just fine after that.

    Great quilt there Janna... and so nice that you and Emmie *let* the guys win. How womanly of you.

    Karen and Steve

  3. Mike and Ellie, I went through the same thing with my computer, and then a couple weeks ago I was in a Wally World and they had a Western Digital external hard drive,called my passport Essential,it holds 250GB you connect it to a usb port and just leave it as you add files and get e-mail it automatically backs it up. the best part was the price $50US it is easy to install and I backed up both my hard drives as I have a seperate photo storage drive.Might want to check it out next time your in a super store. Sam & Donna...

  4. As spring approaches and warms, be watchful for rattlesnakes emerging from winter dens under rocks, in the roots of trees, in rocky areas. This includes being watchful for Emmi too.



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