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Monday, February 22, 2010

Rocking and Rolling

You know the wind is blowing when a 28000 pound motor home is rocking and rolling.  I was going out to the trailer to quilt this afternoon but thought better of it!

Early this morning I hit the road to Parker—it was laundry day.  There was one other lady in the laundromat when I walked in, yea!  While the clothes were washing I went and filled a couple of our water containers with reverse osmosis water.  There are machines all over this area in front of the grocery stores, in parking lots, etc. that dispense reverse osmosis water for 25 cents a gallon.  We tried drinking the Bouse well water which we put in our holding tanks but it really upset Michael and Emmi’s tummies. 

When I filled the water containers I noticed a hair salon—someone could cut my hair at 11am.  So, I went to Wal Mart and Safeway taking my time, shopping leisurely until time to head back to the salon.  It was the stylist’s 40th birthday today and her co-workers had festooned her booth with black ribbons and balloons.  She did a great job with my hair!

Time to head home where Michael and Emmi were just returning from their walk.  Lunch, put away the laundry and am spending the rest of the day reading and using the computer.  Emmi is sacked out on the couch and Michael is also using the computer.  We love our new router which allows both of us to use the computers at the same time.

These are a couple of recycled photos from last winter at McDowell Mountain Park in northern Phoenix.

McDowell MTN Saguaro & Owl

McDowell MTN Saguaro & Owl2

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  1. The wind was from the snowstorm we just had here in the San Bernardino Mountains! I just want to say Hi and introduce myself. My husband and I travel in our trailer every chance we get, and we'll be going full-time in either 2,3, or 4 years - depends on what my school district does for buy-outs. I'm a quilter, and a blogger, too! "See" you later on the 'net.


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