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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

The four of us and the three furry friends took a nice walk this morning. We were unable to access the internet and I lost my patience this morning. When I called Verizon I got a very capable young man named George. The two of us spent over an hour on the phone trying to resolve our connection problem. Jim and Ellie are parked less than a 100 yards from us and are having no problems connecting with Verizon. When George couldn't resolve our issues he called in the bigger guns and those guys suggested I take the computer and aircard to an area where they knew the Verizon signal worked well such as Quartzsite (near the freeway) and re-activate my aircard. Well, it worked so far and I am posting the blog tonight.

I whipped up a broccoli salad and some tomatillo salsa to take over to Jim and Ellie's for the Super Bowl party. Dave (Emmi's sitter) joined us. Jim outdid himself with the grilled buffalo burgers and sausages. Ellie had cooked all day I think--she made guacamole and we had that with Jim's salsa for appetizers. But the crowning end to a wonderful dinner was Ellie's Weight Watcher friendly lemon/coconut pie and s'more brownies--can you say stuffed???

Michael and I have no TV at home in Montana and we can sometimes pick up local channels when we are in Arizona. It was fun to watch a Super Bowl with friends today and it was fun to see a team win that never had before.

Some beautiful Arizona scenery from our morning walk.

Ainslie and Beryl, Oregon folks we met in Alamos a couple of years ago arrived this afternoon and took up residence in one of the RV parks in Bouse. Michael ran over and met them at one of the bars in Bouse for a quick visit and they will come out and join us tomorrow.
It was a chilly, breezy day today here in Arizona--no watching the game outside for us!

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  1. And here I was envisioning the Super Bowl on Jim's outside TV and all the desert critters enjoying the spectacle.


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