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Sunday, February 21, 2010

And The Wind Blows and Blows

OK, who sent this wind over here to Arizona?  Was it you Al??  I have always been a very light sleeper, my Daddy used to say I could hear an ant crawl across the floor.  As a result for many, many years I have slept with ear plugs so noises such as wind have to be pretty loud to bother me.  I woke to the sound of Michael stumbling around, jerking his clothes on, unzipping Emmi’s crate and slamming out the door.  I looked at the clock and groaned—3am!!  The next sound I heard was the banging of the window awnings going up—guess the wind was flapping those awnings pretty good and Michael felt inclined to go outside and roll the awnings up.  He brought Emmi back to bed with him and we were all able to go back to sleep—a miracle!

Ellie and the dogs joined us for a very long walk this morning, good exercise.  Lunch then I headed to the quilting studio (ha, ha—the trailer) and started on a quilt for my Aunt.  Didn’t like the way one corner looked so I began to rip the stitching out and managed to slice my thumb with the rotary cutter, ouch!!  No blood on your quilt though, Aunt Marg!  I have heard of people who have sliced entire fingertips off with those rotary cutters—sharp little tools!

I had cooked a pot of pinto beans a few days ago so the plan was to have those with grilled pork chops, cornbread and a salad.  Mike was going to finish up Ellie’s pasta and sausages as he is not a bean eater.  Michael had fiddled around in the generator compartment today and when I went to start the generator to run the oven, it wouldn’t start.  I hauled the cornbread up to Ellie’s and she cooked it.  When she brought it back and I removed the foil—oh, no—I knew instantly what was wrong—forgot the baking soda!!  Other than flat, icky cornbread, the dinner was great.  Ellie had made a very good Weight Watcher desert that tasted like an Almond Joy, YUM!

After dinner Ellie was the winner in a game of Mexican train dominoes.  Another great retirement day!

today3 Cloudy, cool and windy all day and we may get some more rain tonight.


  1. Mexican Train! I loved it. We even play it here at home now and then. Hope that wind keeps down. Not much fun. It's nice to read about all the fun you have. Enjoy!!!

  2. Ouchie ouchie on the finger! Hope it heals well...

    Karen and Steve


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