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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Oatman, Arizona

Our goal for the day was to attend the Weight Watcher meeting in Lake Havasu (I lost a little this week) then go north of Lake Havasu and check out boondocking spots which Michael had read about on the boondocking forum he belongs to.  Before we began our journey we stopped for breakfast in Lake Havasu.  Next on our list was the little town of Oatman.  The boondocking spots we saw weren’t anything we would want to do (too close to the road, too rough an entrance, etc.).  The Verizon phones did not work in that area either. 

Oatman burro2 Oatman, Arizona is a former mining town named for a white woman who was kidnapped from a wagon train by Indians and held as a slave for over two years before being rescued by the US Calvary.  The burros roaming the streets begging for carrots were brought to the area by miners and abandoned there.  The ones we saw all looked fat and happy, chatting us up for carrots (I brought a bag with me but  some of the merchants sell carrots).  It is just a little narrow dirt street town lined with shops selling t-shirts and overpriced jewelry.  But it was fun to see!

Many of the storefronts had catchy names trading on the burros—Fast Fanny’s, etc.

Ellie and the burro Oatman Fast Fannys Oatman Classy Ass

From Oatman we headed back to Parker via a drive across the Parker dam and up the California side of the Colorado River—upon entering Parker, Ellie asked Jim if he was going to eat—the answer she got, “well of course!”  So on to the Mexican restaurant—two eat outs in one day and we went to the Weight Watcher meeting this morning?? 

Emmi spent the day with Dave and we all decided to walk up to his rig to walk off some calories.  One little puppy was sure glad to see us.  It was a great day!

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