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Monday, February 15, 2010

Warm Weather Returns

When we arrived in the Quartzsite area in early January the weather was perfect—mid 70’s in the daytime, never freezing at night.  Then we had the torrential rains about the second or third week we were here and the days became a little cooler, in the upper 60’s, and stayed that way until yesterday and today.  The weather was just perfect today.  Ellie and the two furkids accompanied us on our walk this morning.  Jim stayed behind to get the rig ready for emptying and filling.

Emmi 8 months Isn’t that the cutest little puppy??

I decided today was the day to clean the rig which I did before lunch.  After lunch I started the generator and altered two pair of jeans for myself—no I haven’t lost that much weight yet, the jeans were always just a little too big.  I am pleased with the results, not a perfect job but good enough for me to wear in the desert!

Ellie and Jim took the Castle into Bouse to empty holding tanks and fill with fresh water—we are so amazed and so very pleased that they have taken to boondocking—who would have ever thought they would still be here two weeks later??  And we are very glad they are—Jim and Ellie are the kind of people who are so easy to be around!

Here comes the Castle Here comes the Castle back up the hill.

Dave stopped by and asked us all to come up to his rig for margaritas this afternoon.  Jim loaded some chairs into his car, Mike popped some of his famous popcorn and off we went.  For a single guy Dave really did a nice job with the happy hour—great margaritas, good munchies.  We sat outside until the sun went down and it began to get cool.  The coyotes serenaded us too making all three dogs sit up and take notice.

Jim and Jasmine Jim and Jasmine

Life is so good and we are so blessed!  


  1. Your spot looks perfect exactly what we used to look for. We also had another couple with us. We met them in the desert one year and camped together every year after. I was wondering if you are on BLM land and if somebody comes around to check how long you are staying? I hope you will be able to stay as long as you like and are enjoying it.

  2. Janna, Mike & Emmi,
    How nice to meet you all Friday. Looks like you may have "hooked" Jim and Ellie on this boondocking lifestyle. Isn't it wonderful. Thanks for the tour of your quilting trailer, what a great idea, I am envious. Becki & J.D.

  3. Sounds like a delightful day in the desert!

    Karen and Steve

  4. What a cool thing - Margarita's in the desert. Sound to romantic! I can't wait till we can go boondocking ourselves, but we are learning :)


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