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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Weight Watchers and Storms

My Daddy was a long tall drink of water and until I reached the age of 40, I was too.  Then something happened—friends tell me it’s because I have been so happy since marrying Michael—but is there such a thing as too much happiness because if I keep being this happy I am going to weigh a lot by the time I am 60!  I’ve been successful at losing a few pounds on the Weight Watcher program a couple of times but this time I have a successful cheerleader.  Ellie has been so successful she has a lifetime membership—so off we went to the WW meeting in Lake Havasu today leaving at the very early hour of 7am!  I am all signed up and was given the appropriate membership materials. 

Well, what do you do first thing when you start a new eating program—go have lunch.  But seriously, we had a very good, point friendly lunch at a pizza/Italian place and then earned some exercise points by shopping! 

It was a great day and I so enjoyed spending time with Ellie.AZ rainbow

Ainslie joined Mike and Emmi for another major hike, I think he may have made Emmi’s legs shorter by walking her so far!  We all arrived back home about the same time and began making plans for cooking dinner. 

The wind picked up, the clouds began to darken and it rained a little.  I got these great shots of the clouds, rainbow and sunset before we all sat down to a delicious dinner—Jim smoked chicken breasts, I roasted potatoes and vegetables and Ellie provided the salad. 

 AZ storm

A wonderful day in the Arizona desert.

AZ sunset


  1. Hooray for Weight Watchers!!!!! JoAnn

  2. Gosh your photos are fantastic!

    p.s. we copied you guys and put in a Wave 8 in the same spot you did in your rig!

    Karen and Steve


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