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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Trip To Billings

Off to Billings this morning for a good haircut before heading south and taking my chances with the unknown—can you tell I’m a slight bit picky about my hair?? SmileWe made a quick Costco run—not much food but some staples such as shampoo.  They did have beautiful strawberries and a container of those came home with us.  The cowboy also picked out some Valentine’s Day flowers for me too, white roses. 

And no, Bob, I wasn’t in emergent need of the restroom Smile, I thought we were going out again in the truck but the little blizzard we had put a stop to those plans.  Paulette also commented on my un-quilted tops, wondering if they were indeed UFO’s.  Lots of New Year’s resolutions involved finishing off all those UFO’s—un-finished projects—well, I said in a blog I didn’t have any UFO’s—my quilt tops were finished just not quilted—so I guess that does make those quilt tops UFO’s!  I will get cracking Paulette, I promise but those warm sunny skies of AZ are calling—can’t you hear it??  Rod tells us the temp is 78 degrees—and yes Rod, quilting is a hobby for me, one I enjoy very much!

We also got new tires for the little VW bug while in Billings today—it was hard to find those size tires, our local tire shop where we usually buy all our tires couldn’t get these.  Not sure how old the tires on the VW were but—the people who gave me the VW towed it to Mexico behind a motorhome in 1971 with these tires!!!  Beryl and Jim accidently towed the VW while it was in gear, ruining the engine on that trip.  They brought it home, replaced the engine and never used it again except to run around the ranch.  So, those tires were older than 1971 plus Michael thinks the spare was original to the 1959 bug!

My gosh did the wind ever blow today—we were hit by gusts on the way home which literally blew us sideways.  Wind means higher temps although, 50 degrees this afternoon coming back to Big Timber.  Michael and his Dad talk about the winter of 1978-1979—it was a bad one with way more snow than usual.  We have several photos of the Boulder Road with 10 feet drifts in that winter.  Of course then they did not have the snow moving equipment available to us now.  In the last couple days there was an article in the Billings Gazette stating Billings has received more snow this year than in the winter of 1978-1979—so see, I do have something to complain about!!

And that’s it for our Wednesday in Montana—a good day spent with the cowboy! 


  1. I lived in Billings the winter of 78-79 out in the Heights. There was a lot of snow - some cars were completely covered for months and the road - Clubhouse Way - was drifted shut with 10 foot drifts most of the winter. It was a winter to remember. Enjoy the warm temps when you get back to AZ. We are not going that way this year. Travel safe!

  2. I didn't realise how old the VW was. Now I see why getting tires to fit was an issue. Used to go out with a young lady once upon a time who drove a bug. Great little car.

  3. That VW has quite a history... and so interesting.... guess they run forever!

  4. My first car was a 61 VW Beetle. I've had somewhere over half a dozen Beetles since. Drove them back & forth to Florida, British Columbia, & Nova Scotia. Just one of the greatest little cars ever built. Oh how I would love to take a VW Beetle for a spin again just for old time's sake. Soooooo many memories over the years:))

  5. Do you change out the dog quilt on the wall when you finish another one? Looks like a good place to exhibit your work.

  6. I couldn't resist, Janna!! haha As you can see from my today's post I just said I busted another UFO...but it's not quilted! I guess I SHOULD have said it's one step closer to being BUSTED!! You have to admit...getting these UFOs FINISHED is a great feeling!! Have a great day...and stay warm!! Arizona or BUST! ;o))

    1. I'm with Paulette - glad to see you're planning on heading south soon!

  7. The winter condition you are living just further your travel magnet back to the sunny desert climes.

    My first car was a '64 Volkswagen Beetle. It was a great little car....than took me through my first couple of years of university. It traveled through many Alberta prairie snow storm without issue.


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