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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Time With Friends

We rolled out of John and Brenda’s driveway about 9:30 this morning after enjoying a week spent in the company of good friends.  We drove 122 miles today, a short travel day for us arriving at North Ranch in Congress about lunch time.  Rollie and Gina greeted us then left the two of us to get parked on the lot we have rented for a while.  It’s amazing the number of good friends we’ve gathered since starting this RVing business—and several of those friends are right here at North Ranch. 


IMG_0061Even Emmi was glad to see her friend Zoey!!

After we were all set up and I had contacted the Arizona Power Company—that was a struggle, it’s been a long time since I had to deal with a utility company who wanted my first born child and my mother!! –we drove up the hill to Yarnell to look at a little house on what we thought was 10 acres—not, just a city lot—oh, well, you win some and you lose some!! Smile

When we got back from Yarnell, the power was on and we were off to happy hour at Mike and Pat’s per protocol Smile plus Rollie and Gina made crawfish etouffee for supper that was simply delicious!!  We got to meet Nancy and Paul—friends of Mike and Pat’s.  It was a great evening! 

Back home Michael struggled with getting our internet to work—if I don’t get a blog posted you will know we are struggling with the internet equipment!  I walked Emmi around some of the park streets while the cowboy wiggled wires! Smile



IMG_0068Even Ms. Megabyte enjoyed happy hour!


  1. Great to see pictures of the Gang!!!! I really don't want to hear about any future Shrimp

  2. Nice get together with friends. Good property hunting too....!

  3. Sounds like a great stop! It amazing how many people you meet with this life style. Our daughter tells people we have more friends now that we live on the road than we ever had:) Hopefully, when we get to Montana this summer we can meet up:)


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