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Monday, February 10, 2014

Snow Plowing and VW Seats

The cowboy once again plowed the snow from around our house and garage plus down the 1/2 mile of our driveway.  It is sure to snow again, now! Smile

He finished re-covering the driver’s seat for the VW and installed it—see, he needed to drive the VW and it was going to be kind of hard to do without a seat.  The little bug didn’t go far, just into the garage so Michael could remove all the rims and tires—the VW is getting new shoes.

We took some nice walks today, our temps warmed up to above freezing—a heat wave but with that heat wave, we now have wind.  Emmi loves to chase snowballs and keeps us both busy throwing the big chunks of snow Michael kicks up with the backhoe when plowing. 

I almost have the binding completely hand stitched down on the little “doggie” quilt.  Here is a photo of one of the finished ironing tables—we bought the table, Michael made the top and I covered it in batting and ironing board fabric today—handy! 


We finished off the last of the weekend lasagna for dinner and lunch was leftover tacos—guess I will have to figure out something to cook tomorrow???

IMG_9948Our little meandering creek, taken while I was out feeding the impatient chickadees! IMG_9949The moon rising—at night with all this snow and the bright moon, you could almost read the newspaper outside!


  1. Replies
    1. The cowboy doesn't do corned beef and cabbage Judy!

  2. We're having spaghetti tomorrow night,. Since Jim is going fishing I wanted something nice and easy and quick. Going to be almost 80 tomorrow.

  3. I'm with Mike in not doing that corny beef & cabbage stuff.......

  4. Wow, what a view!

  5. Great pics, Janna. Sure is bright at night - almost looks like daytime. I kind of like corned beef and cabbage!

  6. Okay, I'll admit it...... when we're in Costa Rica sweating our a..... off and I read about snow... and all that goes along with it, I feel like I'm in LaLa land.... I love the photos, but have a hard time relating to the cold temps and the horrid circumstance. No doubt a glass of wine or two has helped my dreamland being. Hey... I tried to buy some saurkraut at the grocery today (real "cold weather" kind of food") and they didn't even have it. So.... what's a woman to do? live as it is... what more can I say?


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