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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thirty One Miles

Wow, I think I’m feeling kind of old tonight and Gina says she is feeling the same.  We took the ATV’s out again today leaving about 10:15am and rode 31 miles—it might not have been so bad if it had been 31 smooth, flat miles but instead it was rocky, sandy and rough!  Plus when I got in the shower I swear I had rivulets of sand running off me! Smile The scenery was spectacular and the weather just as great—we took a lunch, having our picnic at what is known as Box Canyon.  Several years ago our friends Jerry and Caryl took us on a jeeping trip to Box Canyon—the Hassayama River had lots of water at that point in time.  Today, the river was sad, barely a trickle.  IMG_2964You can see just puddles of water in the lower edge of both these photos.IMG_2965IMG_6054Taken March, 2011


We enjoyed another happy hour at Mike and Pat’s with Jerry and Caryl plus Larry and Geri joining us.  When we got back to the motorhome Emmi and I took off on a walk—while I was gone my cowboy did the dishes—he’s the best!!

IMG_2949IMG_2951Uh-oh, she’s got that look—she’s spotted a special rock—our Gina is quite the rock hound!




IMG_2980Uh-oh, someone is stuck but the cowboy came prepared!IMG_2983

IMG_2978Stretched across the road, we think this is an Arizona bull snake.

Another great day with great friends in the Arizona desert.


  1. I didn't think those ATV's could get stuck like that. That was one big, scary looking snake.

  2. Well that's it for HIKING for me!! Ugh!! When the snakes come out, I go in!!!!

  3. The expected rains could well get those streams roiling with water again. And, the snakes will return least till the weather warms up again next week.


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