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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Dinner Out

It’s amazing how much snow the warm temps and wind melted--

IMG_9956Don’t get me wrong, we still have tons of snow—there are drifts around our place which will still be there when we get home in the spring!!  And the wind is still howling! 

I went to yoga and just as we were finishing up one of those 30 minute snow storms blew in and you should have seen the size of the flakes.  Thank goodness it only lasted less than 30 minutes and it might have gotten really deep around here!

Michael has a favorite coat he wears all the time when we are going out or to Billings, etc.  The zipper broke the other day and I told him I would fix the coat—zippers were never my strong suit—I used to make all my own clothes and I would rather make 10 buttonholes than put in a zipper.  Well, I ripped out the old and started on the new—got one side done before we left for the afternoon—not sure I’m totally happy with it, we will see.

This afternoon we drove over to Lonn’s for Michael to help him with a little project.  I baby sat all the dogs—the little guys were in need of a lap which of course didn’t make Ms. Emmi happy but I told her to just get over it!  After the guys came back we headed over the hill to Livingston and the Rib and Chop House for dinner.  It was delicious as usual!  Thanks Jim and Ellie!! 

Lonn and the girls are doing OK—each day brings a whole new set of feelings I am sure—LoraLee was such a presence in this family, she is missed so much.


  1. It seems we are the only ones without the cold version of the white stuff here in FL. This will be one winter many parts of the country will be glad to have move on to spring. We will try again next week to have my mother come visit from northern NY...our third attempt!!

    Glad to hear that everyone is slowly moving on. It takes so much time to heal. Praying for your family through this healing process.

  2. All that snow makes me shiver
    With every blog you deliver

    Name that tune!

  3. I bet you are chomping at the bit to get on that aircraft heading to the sunny and hot desert climes. It won't be long now. Safe travels.

  4. Oh boy, that's brings back memories. Last summer up in Custer I finally spent over $100.00 for a neat little model chopper. I couldn't wait to get home from the escapade to fly it... Mark Bruss and I were on the front driveway of our place and I fired it up... It took off and went up and over and I heard it BAM on the roof..... Never seen it again!!!! Fastest damn 100 bucks I spent in a long time. We looked for that stupid thing for the rest of the summer... I think it went back to China!!! I gave up flying helicopters!!!

    Can't wait to see you guys,,, It was over 80^ today...beautiful. Someone said some cool stuff is coming, but this has been the nicest winter we have had here for a long time.

    I tried to fix my underground water system and removed the entire thing and tried to reseal it,,,I tried 3 times and it still leaks... I need a pro.

    I can't figure out what kind of a car that is,,,can't really see it well enough...

    Nice blog as usual...


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