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Monday, February 17, 2014

One More Sleep

As Brenda always says, one more sleep.  Today was a very low key day—getting the house ready, emptying the refrigerator, having leftovers for lunch, packing last minute items—it was nice to do all these tasks in slow, easy motion.  We usually leave in the motorhome in the wee early morning hours.  It’s usually dark, snowing and bitterly cold, making us hurry and making us forget things.  It wasn’t snowing when we left home this afternoon but it was cold and the wind was howling. 

Lonn arrived about 4pm to retrieve us—we are staying the night at his house as we have to be at the airport earlier than early—he lives closer to Bozeman than we do!  He’s also cooking dinner, steaks on the grill!  I teasingly asked him what he was making for dinner thinking we would just snack, but no, he was cooking! 

He’s now giving Michael a lesson on the Garmin GPS we got at Christmas time:


So, tomorrow about 10:30am I will be exchanging my wool socks for flip flops plus I have a pedicure appointment at 2pm.  And, Brenda is cooking dinner, life in the desert is hard, isn’t it!!!



  1. It's going to be another gorgeous day tomorrow. Need to get those toes pretty for the flip flops.

  2. Have a good flight and enjoy the warm weather, you have earned it.

  3. Hope the flight is smooth as silk and you are enjoying the sun's rays before you know it !!!! Kinda fun to be beginning part B of your vacation !!!! ENJOY EVERY MINUTE OF IT .....

  4. Say did ya hear about the big snow storm headed for Phoenix........

  5. Arizona is waiting,,,, Have a good flight!!

  6. You hare going to get off that plane to a blast of warm air!

  7. A well earned return to the desert sun and heat. I'm sure you can't wait to land and relax at Dog Pound South... Say hi to JB and Brenda.

  8. Enjoy your time in the warm sunshine! Relax and soak up all the vitamin D you can.


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