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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Busy Day In The Desert

First on our agenda today was a nice 2.5 mile walk with Ms. Emmi—it felt good to get some exercise!  IMG_0070The desert is getting greener and greener.

Michael was then off to Rollie and Gina’s site to assist with fixing an ATV carburetor.  It took all three guys Smilebut they had the 4-wheeler going by noon.


Gina and Rollie joined us for a quick lunch of tacos before we all started getting ready to ride the ATV’s out in the desert for a while.  The weather is just perfect, high 70’s and sunny.

IMG_0079I took this photo of Gina and Rollie.  Rollie took the rest of these photos and I just forgot to remove my watermark before exporting the photos from Picasa. 

photo (4)photo (5)

photo (7)photo (8)We usually haul Emmi in a milk crate on the back of Michael’s ATV.  Today I put her on a towel in my lap and she loved it—she sat up looking around until she got tired then laid down.

Four o’clock happy hour at Mike and Pat’s with Larry and Geri who arrived today joining us.  Larry and Geri used to own Broken Arrow campground in Custer, SD but now spend their time fulltiming in a toy hauler with a motorcycle and 2 ATV’s. 

And that’s it for our day in the warm Arizona desert. 


  1. Janna and mike we had a great tome today. Thanks mike for helping me clean the carburater and then a great ride in the desert. Y'all are the greatest!!!

    Rollie and Gina

  2. I think we are all so fortunate to be in such a great area in all this super great Arizona weather.

  3. I'm surprised it only took 3 guys to fix that carburetor. At most RV parks it takes at least a half-dozen or more.

    Cruising around in those ATV's sure looks like fun. I'll bet Emmie did like it and was good so she'll get to go again.

  4. Quading in the the desert - with like minded friends - looked like a fun activity. We've rideen quads before but only in mountain and prairie country. The desert ride would be a draw.


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