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Saturday, February 8, 2014

Birthday Party

Rick came to my rescue once again—sometimes I feel a little dumb—I’ve deleted some of the website tiles from time to time but I never looked at the bottom of the screen where Rick told me to find the “restore all” button.  I clicked on this “restore all” button and most of my favorite websites appeared in the tiles again but some did not.  Some of the sites which did appear I haven’t visited in over a month—weird—and I never did get Yahoo to appear in one of the tiles.  Maybe Rick can now tell me how to make a website appear in one of those white tiles???  Seriously, thanks Rick—you keep me out of computer trouble all the time—I bet you can hardly wait until I switch to Windows 8???!! Smile

I spent the day getting ready for a dinner party—my friend Jeane’s birthday was Thursday and I was having a party for her.  Jeane and Steve as well as Jill and Terry braved the awful roads from town and came up to enjoy dinner with us.  Delicious homemade lasagna, salad, and homemade bread.  For dessert I served fresh apple cake and homemade ice cream.  I think I now waddle when I walk!  It was fun to see our friends and we appreciate their driving up!!

I’m not sure what Michael and Emmi did today except take an early morning walk and keep the wood stove going.  It was not as cold today, I think we had a high of about 18 degrees but it snowed off and on all day, piling some more white stuff on top of what we all ready have.  As I type this the thermometer reads 6 degrees—BRRR!

IMG_2967A photo from our trip to Zion National Park in 2012—Jeane, the birthday girl, Jill in the middle and me.

IMG_3062-001Another one, Jeane on the left, me in the middle and Jill.


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JEANE !!!! Glad the celebration was tasty and fun !!! Celebrating with a good friend on a birthday is a chance to be greatful for a special friendship ..... On her special day !!!

  2. Somehow a high of 18 and a not as cold comment together makes me feel very cold:)

  3. About those tiles, if you do have any that you don't want just click on the top right hand corner to delete them and eventually your Yahoo tile should show up. This whole 'new tab' thing by Google is pretty lame. I just wish they'd let us setup our own favorites and leave it alone.

    1. Well--I sure am glad you said that Rick!! I've always disliked Google deciding my favorites--let me set up my own!!

  4. Isn't it great having a computer whiz almost at your finger tips? I think all of us out in blogland have asked his help at one time or another.


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