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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

All Done

The bunny quilt is done—quilted, the binding sewn on, plus the eyes and noses are done.  I’m not totally thrilled with my little noses but for bunnies—they will do! Smile

IMG_9887IMG_9890IMG_9894IMG_9899One of my quilting buddies, Mary, is teaching a bunny quilt class at our local quilt shop I think in March--all our finished bunny quilts are going to be displayed to draw interest for the class. 

Michael is feeling much better and spent the afternoon building an ironing board table for me to take to quilt retreats.  Back in the fall, I purchased two of the small folding tables, one for me and one for Jeane.  Well, either I didn’t communicate well or Michael has selective hearing but as he finished up the one table today he said, “glad to have that project done,” and I said, “oh, but you have one more to do for Jeane.”  He walked away muttering but I bet Jeane’s table gets built tomorrow! Winking smile

Our high temp today was 0 degrees and right now it is minus 3 degrees—oh, and did I mention the wind is blowing???  We tried to take a walk with Emmi this morning but didn’t get far, the wind and cold temps just freeze your exposed skin—nasty!!

But, there is a loaf of banana bread in the oven, my house is clean and warm—we are all tucked in for the night. 



  1. Cute quilt. What a winter you guys are having. Saw where Billings had a wind chill advisory today. Banana bread would go a long ways towards making up for that weather though.

  2. Beautiful scenery, even if it does freeze your skin off.

  3. The bunny quilts are so adorable!! What a clever design!

    Mmmm, banana bread baking sounds yummy:)

  4. The bunny quilt is as cute as can be!!! Stay warm!!

  5. Janna, I smell the B-bread ...... How cute is the Bunny quilt !!!! I especially like the colors and the buttons.....the display at the quilt shop should bring some interest for the class..... Love the photos and realize the temps are freezing cold but OH, WHAT A VIEW !!!!!

  6. Oh that quilt finished up sooo cute! Love how you keep Michael busy with projects, it's the duty of all crafty folks to have husbands who can build stuff to make our lives easier! LOL

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  7. It may be colder than a Well Digger's bunns there, but that scenery is absolutely beautiful.

  8. A high of zero is never a good thing!

    Beautiful looking quilt - great job.


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